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Learner Dashboard Setup

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The Interzoic Show & Hide module can be used to selectively show or hide third party modules on your Learner Dashboard, or any other Learner or Manager user interface.

Pages and Modules

Modules are installed onto a single page.  The Accord LMS Learner module is no different.  Many modules have a single user interface.  The Accord LMS Learner module has several unique user interfaces – such as Dashboard, My Plan and Transcripts.  These are selected by clicking on the respective Learner module navigation, or some other form of customized navigation.  If you observe the URL, you will notice that the tabid for the page is consistent, however, other parts of the URL change to specify which user interface of the Learner module should presented.  

At the Accord LMS demo site we have add the Learner module to a page called My Courses which has the page tabid of 61.  Here you can see the different URLs for the Learner Dashboard and My Plan.

My Plan:

If an additional module is added to the same page, it will present regardless of which Learner user interface has been selected.  For example, if you add a news feed for the News Articles module to the My Courses page, it will present on the Learner Dashboard UI, the Learner My Plan UI, etc.  In some situations, this may be desired.  In other situations, you may want to only present a the additional module on a single Learner UI, such as the Dashboard.  The Show & Hide module can be used to selectively Show or Hide specific modules depending on the URL.  At the demo site, ‘Dashboard’ HTML content, ‘Accord LMS Blog’ RSS feed and ‘News for Learner’ News Articles news feed are ONLY presented on the Learner Dashboard user interface.

Show & Hide Module

The Show & Hide module can be used on any site to control presentation for any module.  It is available free for Accord LMS clients – simply contact support and ask for a copy.  In our example, we will show how to hide the ‘News for Learners’ module from all Learner user interfaces except for the Dashboard user interface.

Add Module to Page

Once the Show & Hide module has been installed on your site, you can add it to any page where you want to control the presentation of modules depending on the URL.  In our example, we will add the Show & Hide module to the My Courses pages at the Accord LMS demo site. 

When you first add the module, it will report an invalid license key if running on any domain other than 'localhost'.

Hover over the Manage button and select “Show & Hide Configuration”


You will first need to add a license key.  You can use your Accord LMS license key.  Then ‘Add New Module Action’ to open Module Status Details.

Module Action Entries

Select a module from the page - we will select ‘News for Learners’.  By default we want it to be hidden from the other user interfaces and ONLY present for the Dashboard UI.  Add Entries to cover all the possible URL variations.  In this example, we will show and exit upon the first matching URL string.  In other situations you can select a ‘Proceed’ workflow.  Used in conjunction with ‘Skip’ to hope over a given number of logical entries, you can create nested logic.

Final Configuration

This shows the final configuration for the three modules that we want to present ONLY on the Dashboard user interface.  Each of them have the same status details.

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