Release Notes

Client Driven Product Development

Highlights, New Features and Enhancements.

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2020.04 - September 2020

User Experience Foundations

2020.04 begins the development work on Project Kore. Kore is a refactoring of the administrative interface to modernize and simplify the overall administrative experience in the Accord LMS. Much of this work will not be released to our clients until early Q2 2021. 2020.04 does offer one new feature immediately which will be of interest to clients using the GoToWebinar integration.

LMS Admin > Catalog > ILT Learning Element > Session Details > General Settings
  • The Accord LMS GoToWebinar integration now includes Utilization Tracking based on Poll Question Completions. Within General Settings for a specific Session, selecting "Complete" on All poll questions answered will mark the session complete when participants have responded to all poll questions created in the GoToWebinar event.
Additional Updates


2020.03 - July 2020

Design Updates

This update includes some general design updates as we prepare the system for internal updates which will continue into early 2021. 2020.03 includes a few helpful features, including a new YouTube LE Type, that have been specifically requested by clients over the past few months.

LMS Admin > Catalog > Add Learning Element
  • A new YouTube Learning Element Type has been added to the list of available Learning Elements. This LE Type simplifies the process of using YouTube videos in the LMS by providing a YouTube URL field in the LE Type. It is no longer necessary to get information from the YouTube embed code.
LMS Admin > Configuration > General Options > Search
  • The Accord Search field now has an Exact Match option. If the Exact Match is selected, users searching a specific field will only return exact matching items. Many clients have requested this feature which results in more targeted search results. This is a site-wide setting.
Reports > Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail
  • LE Detail reports have new columns that can be used to grade Learning Elements with assignment uploads. Adminsitrators can view the learner's assignment using the link in the Assignment Column. The Optional Assignment Grading Column will have an identical link which will launch a grading form. This grading form will create a new attempt record which contains with an instructor designated date, completion status, success status, and score.
LMS Admin > Roles > Role Details > Dates
  • Role Dates now provide controls for setting both date and time for activation date, start date, due date, and expiration date. Previously the time was always assumed to be midnight. This assumption occasionally caused confusion in differing time zones.
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • The Orphans icon has been changed to a recycle bin in preparation for a change to this feature. Our Q2-2021 release will rebrand this feature as "Recycle" and replace the recycle bin icon with a traditional recycle logo.
Additional Updates


2020.02 - May 2020

Learner Electives

The Accord LMS uses the term Catalog to refer to the repository of Learning content stored in the LMS. Previously, the term catalog was also used to describe the courses and other folders available to specific learners for self-enrollment. The LMS now uses the term Electives to differentiate the Learner’s curated library of courses from the master LMS Catalog.

Learner > Electives
  • The Learner Interface tab formerly labeled Catalog has now been renamed Electives. In addition, all areas of the LMS which previously reference Learner Catalog (e.g. Enrollment) will now reference Electives.
Learner > Session Registration
  • Learners will now be able to register for multiple sessions within a single Instructor Led Training Learning Element.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Import Data > Role Import
  • This new feature allows administrators to import Roles from a .csv file. Imported roles will still need to be configured within the LMS User Interface. With the Addition of this feature, the Accord LMS is now able to import all major entities from external data drastically reducing the time required for initial configuration. Available imports now include Catalog Folders, Learning Elements, Teams, Learners, and Roles.
LMS Admin > Teams > Learners > Bulk Team Assignment
  • The bulk team assignment confirmation dialog now displays the number of learners who will be added or dropped prior to confirming the action. E.g. “This will assign membership to X Learners. Are you sure you want to continue?”
LMS Admin > Roles > Role Details > Membership Rules
  • If Automatic Drop is enabled, then all members added via membership rule will be dropped from the Role when all rules have been removed. Previously, removing the final rule would not drop all learners added by that rule.
LMS Admin > Roles > Role Details > Member Management
LMS Admin > Teams > Learners > Learner Management
LMS Admin > Teams > Admin > Learner Management
  • A new column has been added to the three learner lists above. "By Rule" will indicate which users have been added to the Role or Team based on Membership Rules vs. users who have been added through some other process. This information will make it clear which users can be removed manually. Users who have been added by rule can only be removed by changing the user profile properties or changing the membership rules.
Feature Usage Log
  • AccordLMS has added an aggregate log to help us analyze overall client usage of certain system features. This information will help guide future development as we identify which features are being heavily used and which features are not as popular.
Module LE Type Deprecated
  • AccordLMS has had a Learning Element Type which allows the assignment of DNN Modules. This LE Type is largely unused and has been removed from the LMS. Existing Module LEs will continue to work, but new LMS instances will not feature this LE Type.
Large Elective Catalogs
  • 2020.02 provides Improved performance and scalability for large elective catalogs.
Additional Updates


2020.01 - February 2020

Teams Management

This release features several features to improve the Team Management experience for LMS administrators. These features include the ability to move and copy teams allowing for easier reorganization or expansion of existing team structures.

Note: When moving or copying teams, please be aware of the following restrictions: Teams which share a Parent Team must have different names, a Team cannot be Moved or Copied if the Team or any of it’s Admin Types or children have Role, content or portal restrictions. Team Content, Role or Portal Access must all be set to ‘Inherit from Parent’. A Team that contains Team Access Codes cannot be Moved or Copied.

LMS Admin > Teams
  • Move Teams – drag and drop. It is now a simple task to reorganize the LMS Teams to reflect a new organizational structure. Administrators can simply drag teams from their current parent team and drop them on a new parent team. Please note, as indicated above, some Team settings may need to be changed prior to moving the Team.
LMS Admin > Teams > Team Details
  • Move Teams – Administrators also have the option of changing the parent team from within the Team Details user interface. Changing the parent team and selecting update will move an unrestricted team (see above) to the newly selected parent.
LMS Admin > Teams > Team Details
  • Copy Teams. It is now possible to copy a team and its children to a new parent team. All restrictions above refer to the team and all child teams. Admins will select Team Details on the source team and change the Parent Team setting before selecting the Copy button. This is a time saver in cases where a team template is frequently duplicated as new teams come on board. E.g. adding a new sales partner or franchisee in an Extended Enterprise application.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Import Data > Team Import
  • The Team upload process now supports the new move functionality.
LMS Admin > Teams > Add Multiple Child Teams
  • Add Multiple Child Teams has been added to the Team context menu to facilitate the creation of multiple teams with a single action.
LMS Admin > Reports > Quick Reports > LE Activity
  • Several UI Changes have been made to the Quick Report – most notably export buttons moved to the right. Admins are now required to make intentional choices on each tab to create the filters for this report. Each tab will be marked with a pencil icon once a selection has been made.
LMS Admin > Roles > Role Details > Membership Rules
LMS Admin > Teams > Team Details > Rules
  • Created Date has been added as a User Property Field so that Learners can be assigned to Roles or Teams based on the creation date of their user account.
LMS Admin > Catalog
LMS Admin > Teams
  • The Accord LMS has previously used the word “New” to describe creating new objects. E.g. the New Learning Element, New Folder, and New Child Team commands all resulted in adding something to the system. We have changed these controls to “Add”. Now administrators will Add Learning Element, Add Folder, Add Child Team, etc. We believe that this language more intuitively represents the functions involved.
LMS Admin > Reports
  • Accord LMS Surveys no longer provide success data based on survey completion. Surveys are only marked as not attempted, in progress or complete. Instructional Designers should use the Accord LMS Quiz/Assessment authoring tool to create scorable learning elements.
GoToWebinar Integration
  • This release features integration development using the most recent GoToWebinar API.
SCORM API > GetUserID method
  • Accord has provided an internal setting to allow the GetUserID method to return either an Integer or email value. This feature will not be required by most clients. Please contact support for more information on this option if needed.
Additional Updates


2019.07 - December 2019

Remote SCO

This release provides a unique new feature allowing Accord LMS administrators to create distributable versions of their original SCORM content. These Remote SCO .zip files can be loaded into third party Learning Management Systems similar to other SCORM packages while managing access and keeping the actual content secure on the Accord LMS.

LMS Admin > Teams > Team Details > Remote SCO
  • When the remote SCO feature is enabled in an Accord LMS portal, each team will have the option to enable Remote SCO for that team. The team will be configured with the URL of the LMS that will host the Learners using the Remote SCO content.
LMS Admin > Catalog > SCORM Learning Element > LE Details
  • When the remote SCO feature is enabled in an Accord LMS portal, SCORM LEs will support Remote SCO creation. Admins can create and download a Remote SCO zip file for any team that has been configured to use Remote SCO. Admins can set the initial Maximum number of Completions allowed and Expiration Date for each team that will be using an external LMS. The LE Details will also provide a Download button to create and download the distributable SCO zip file. This file can be uploaded to the third party LMS identified in Team Details.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Remote SCO
  • Remote SCO Management has been added to the Configuration page. This UI features a report which shows learner activity for each Remote SCO organized by Team. Remote SCO configuration also allows admins to enable or disable the Remote SCO package, change maximum allowed completions and update the expiration date.
LMS Admin > Teams > LMS Admin Types > Edit > Feature Permission
  • New permissions have been added to the Admin Type to support Remote SCO management.
LMS Admin > Catalog > Any Certificate LE > LE Details
  • Two new tokens have been added for use on certificates. [LE:FOLDERFIRSTATTEMPTDATE] and [REF:FOLDERFIRSTATTEMPTDATE] will display the first date on which any LE in the current or reference folder was attempted.
Additional Updates


2019.06 - December 2019

Learning Role Management

This release features a redesign on the Accord Learning Role Management user interface. These changes will greatly simplify the administration of Learning Roles by consolidating Role functionality under a single admin interface.

LMS Admin
  • The LMS Admin tabs have been rearranged to better represent the Accord LMS Workflow. The Tab order will now be Catalog, Roles, Teams, Actions and Configuration.
LMS Admin > Actions
  • The Enrollment Tab has been renamed the Actions Tab and moved to the right of Teams. There has been no change in functionality on this page.  It can still be used for enrollment and other actions, but it is no longer necessary to use this page to enroll content in a Learning Role.
LMS Admin > Roles
  • The Learning Role User Interface has been refactored as follows:
    • Separate Learner list has been removed. This feature has been replaced with an improved Learner Management interface which can be accessed when editing a Learning Role.
    • Bulk Expire button added to Role Details. This feature will expire all current members of the Role.
    • Bulk Refresh button added to Role Details. All Member's existing Dates will be overwritten with the current Role Dates. For example, a change to the Role’s due date can be applied to all members at once.
    • The Dates and Renewal panels have been moved to Tabs in Role Details.
    • Learner Management has been added to Role Edit. This feature includes an editable and expandable grid, improved search capabilities, improved performance and bulk update.
    • Enrollment has been added to Role Edit. Enrollments to the Learner’s My Courses or Learner Catalog can be added or updated through this interface. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to visit the Catalog or the Enrollments page to add content to a Learning Role.
LMS Admin > Catalog > Folder > Folder Enrollment
  • The Folder Enrollment Feature which exists on the context menu of any folder type is used to enroll folders from the LMS Catalog into Learning Roles. These enrollments were limited to assignments on the Learner’s “My Courses” tab. This feature now supports adding elective courses to the Learner Catalog for members of the selected roles. This is a useful tool for enrolling content in multiple Learning Roles.
LMS Admin > Catalog > ILT > Session > Session Roster
  • The Session Roster has been refactored as follows:
    • The Refresh button has been renamed Reset to better reflect it's function.
    •  Email address field has been added as a Display Column option.
    • The Save Data and Reset buttons are at the bottom of the page rather than in two locations.
    • The Bulk Update button, Include Candidates checkboxes, Search box, clipboard, Send Messages and export controls are only at the top of the Roster page.
    • The Save Data button is only enabled if changes are made to the data in the Roster’s grid.
    • Roster presents confirmation dialog if Save Data button is active when clicking Bulk Update or Reset.
    • Added Update Button to Display Columns Panel. Display columns can now be updated independent of the rest of the session roster.
    • Display Name and Email Address have been added to the available columns list.
LMS Admin > Teams > Team > Bulk Team Assignment
  • Bulk Team Assignment now has two section headers, Select Learners and Assign Teams.
LMS Admin > Catalog > Certificate Learning Element
  • [REF: FOLDERSCORE] and [LE:FOLDERSCORE] have been added as tokens for PDF certificates.
LMS Admin > Configuration > General Options > Search
  • New Search Configuration options allow LMS Admins to index and search their choice of the following in the search criteria: Title, Tags, Description and Body. Previously the search engine searched all this data which could lead to confusion in some systems.
Additional Updates


2019.05 - October 2019

New LMS Bulk Import Features

2019.05 provides Accord LMS admins with three new date import features and offers a time saving improvement in the existing Learner/Folder Attempt Import process.

LMS Admin > Configuration > Import Data > Folder Import
  • Accord LMS administrators can now import a Hierarchical folder structure from a .csv file. This will save significant time for new clients who are building their initial folder structure or existing clients who wish to add more than a few folders. Duplicate folder names are not allowed when using this import feature.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Import Data > Learning Element Import
  • LMS Admins can create an unlimited number of Learning Elements based on the data in a properly formatted .csv file. This import will create the LEs in the desired location and set all LE properties. After importing the LE Format, the Admin Interface can be used to upload the appropriate learning content.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Import Data > Team Import
  • This feature provides LMS admins with appropriate rights to import any number of hierarchical teams. Existing teams can be updated, but not moved with this feature.
LMS Admin > Teams > TeamName > Bulk Learner Import
  • Improved data validation on the existing Bulk Learning Import feature. All fields will be automatically trimmed if they exceed the maximum field size. Validation will flag and eliminate rows which include a blank space on the username or email columns. Validates that usernames include only alphanumeric values.
LMS Admin > Teams > TeamName > LMS Admin Types
  • Editing an admin type now offers an additional feature under LMS Admin Features. Admins can now be granted or denied permission for Folder Import, Learning Element Import, or Team Import.
Learner / Folder Attempt Bulk Import
  • This feature is only available to Accord Support, but it has been improved to simplify administrative overhead. Learners no longer need to be enrolled in a folder in order to import past attempt/completion records. The folder (e.g. course) must still exist in the accord LMS Prior to importing historical attempt records.
Additional Updates


2019.04 - August 2019

Admin Enrollment Details

This release features two important LMS admin updates which will provide immediate visibility into Learner enrollments.

LMS Admin > Catalog > Folder > Learner List
  • The new learner list feature displays all users who are enrolled into a specific Folder or Learning Element.  Details include User Name, Enrollment Type, Folder Title, Role Name and Team.  This data can be grouped by column.
LMS Admin > Teams > Learner Management  > User Enrollment
  • The clipboard feature added in 2019.03 has been expanded to include detail information similar to the Catalog's Learner List feature. Clicking on a Learner's specific enrollment will now show enrollment details.
LMS Admin > Reports
  • A new filter has been added to the Learning Folder with Learner Detail and Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail. This filter allows reports to return data based on Completion Dates. For example, a report can include only those attempts that were completed in August, 2019. The default value for this filter is 'Last 30 Days'.
Additional Updates


2019.03 - July 2019

New Design Elements

This release features several LMS updates to provide a cleaner and more pleasing design along with a few feature enhancements.

LMS Admin > Teams > Learner Management > User Enrollments
  • A new Clipboard icon has been added to Learner Management. The clipboard will access the User Enrollments report. User Enrollments shows all content in which the chosen learner is currently enrolled. 2019.04 will include additional enhancements to this feature.
LMS Admin > Catalog > ILT > Session Roster
  • The session roster can now be configured to feature specific columns to provide the instructor with additional Learner details. This feature is similar to the Display Columns feature currently available in reports.
Learner > My Courses > Assignment Upload
  • The Assignment Upload LE Type includes a feature to prevent uploads after the assignment has been marked complete. Learners with such an assignment will no longer see the upload interface after completion; instead they will see a message informing them of the completion along with a list of all assignments previously uploaded to that Learning Element. Assignments can still be downloaded and reviewed.
Additional Updates


2019.02 - May 2019

Back End Performance Improvements

This release features a host of back end improvements designed to improve system performance and simplify ongoing maintenance.

LMS Admin > Teams > Bulk Learner Import >
  • Made significant improvements in Learner import speed for Enterprise LMS Clients with more than 10,000 learners
LMS Admin > Teams > Learner Management > Modify Learner Status
  • Clicking on the Modify Learner Status icon in the Learner Management Interface presents the Team Member Status Details page. This page now has a field which lists all visible teams to which the learner belongs as a member. Top Level Administrators will be able to see all teams throughout the LMS.
LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details > Question Builder
  • Previously, Accord surveys required all text questions to be completed before moving on with the survey. This update allows content creators to choose whether a survey text question is mandatory or not.
Additional Updates


2019.01 - March 2019

New Quick Report

Accord has added a new Quick Reports category to our reports page. The first Quick report is an LE activity report. This report differs from our advanced reports on several points. First, setting it up is a simple three step process. Second, the LE activity report does not report on Learning Role data such as due dates. Finally, the filters and grouping are considerably faster than our advanced reports. The LE Activity Quick Report is a great way to quickly learn who finished what and when.

Virtual Instructor Led Training Improvements
The Accord LMS now has tighter integration with LogMeIn's GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Once virtual locations are configured in the LMS, creating ILT sessions automatically creates and schedules the session in the appropriate LogMeIn system. Learners enrolling in or dropping sessions will automatically update the meeting on LogMeIn's servers.

LMS Admin > Configuration > ILT Resources > Add New Location
  • LMS administrators can create reusable locations based on their GoToMeeting integration. Each location represents a single GoToWebinar account. 
LMS Admin > Teams
  • Expanded trees will now stay expanded when creating multiple teams.
My Courses > Transcripts
  • ‘Units’ are now available on transcripts.
LMS Admin > Reports
  • Saved report definitions are now alphabetized, making it easier to locate and access specific reports.
Additional Updates

As of January 2019, Accord will be using a new version numbering system.

5.11 - December 2018

Proctoring Enhancements
The Proctoring feature has been enhanced to provide tighter integration with Integrity Advocate, more immediate feedback to Learners and shorter time between completion and review. Learners may also resend identification without administrative intervention.

LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details
  • SCORM Learning Elements now have the 'None - Resource' utilization tracking option. This change allows SCORM content to be used as untracked resources within the Accord LMS.
Learner > My Courses > ILT > Registered Session
  • Learners can no longer unregister themselves from sessions that have been marked complete or in-progress by an LMS administrator. LMS Admins can still move a given learner to a different session.
LMS Admin > Roles > Details
  • New Learning Role Expiration Option: Do Not Archive Attempts. Previously, all attempts made prior to a Learning Role Expiration were automatically archived. This option allows for the expiration of a Learning Role without archiving attempts associated with that Role.
LMS Admin > Enrollment > Delete LE Attempt Records
  • Physical Attempt Deletion is limited to the Host Account. Physical deletion of Attempts will permanently remove the attempt from the LMS and cannot be recovered. LMS Administrators are still allowed to make Logical deletions.
Additional Updates

5.10 - August 2018

Learner Account Merge
New Learning Management feature allows administrators to merge two user accounts into a single account. Admins can choose to merge assigned learning roles, team membership, attempt records and admin types from a source user account with a destination user account.

LMS Admin > Catalog > Session Roster
  • Admin can view and edit Instructor Led Training Education Activity points earned by each Learner.
LMS Admin > Roles > Manage Users in Role
  • Added username column to better identify users in Role.
LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details
  • Additional certificate tokens have been added to better support Education Activity/CEU tracking.
LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details
  • When using proctoring, the identification process will complete prior to launching the Learning Element.
  • Migrate OAuth from 1.0 to 2.0 to support GoToWebinar integrations.
Additional Updates

5.9 - June 2018

Assignment Upload
New Learning Element type that allows Learners to upload assignments, certificates, documents, images or other digital assets. LMS Admins can download assignments for their specific Learners from the Reports UI.

Learner > LE Type
  • New Assignment Learning Element type that allows Learners to upload a file asset from their local computer to the LMS server.
LMS Admin > Teams > Learners
  • Bulk Learner Import now includes Encryption option
LMS Admin > Configuration > Integration
  • API Web Services settings are only available to administrators with Host access
  • Better filtering for LE that are 'Not Attempted'
Reports > Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail
  • New report Display Columns added: EA Name; EA Value; and Assignment
  • Assignment value is a link to download an Assignment uploaded by a Learner
Reports > Learner Accounts with Profile Detail
  • New report on Learner accounts with Profile details
Additional Updates

5.8 - April 2018

Team Membership Rules
Team Membership can be automatically added or dropped based on Learner Profile values. This automation can substantially reduce the administration of Learner Team assignments.

LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details
  • UI refactoring - moved from web forms to user controls
LMS Admin > Catalog > Certificates
  • Updated Token list for PDF Certificates
LMS Admin > Teams > Team Details
  • Team Membership Rules
LMS Admin > Configuration
  • 'Access' sections have been consolidated.
Additional Updates

5.7 - February 2018

Learner identity verification is now provided for online testing and training. Verification is achieved by live remote proctoring via the Learner's webcam.

  • Learner Identity can be Verified via Webcam while viewing selected Training or Tests
LMS Admin > Configuration
  • New Integration page for third party application configuration
  • New Integrity Advocate Proctoring section for configuring Proctoring credentials
LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details > Advanced Settings
  • New checkbox for "Enable Proctoring" for most LE Types
LMS Admin > Catalog > Certificates
LMS Admin > Catalog & Enrollment
  • Improvements to the Search UI
Additional Updates

5.6 - January 2018

Folder Types and Learning Element Formats
Folder Types and Learning Element Formats have updated icons and improved default configurations. LE Formats also include a new set of optional flat gray icons.

  • Embedded Videos Display at 100% of Available Width
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • LE Details Layout Updates
LMS Admin > Configuration
  • Updated LE Format Icons and Default Configuration
  • Added New LE Format Icon Options - Flat Gray
  • Updated Folder Types Icons and Default Configuration
  • Updated Status Type Icons and Default Configuration
Additional Updates

5.5 - November 2017

Instructor Roles
Instructors can now be delegated via Roles. This allows easy add and drop of an Instructor. Role Rules can also be used to add or drop Instructors based on their profile properties.

  • Enhanced Search to include Instructor, Location and LE Format Types
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • Layout and Notification Message Enhancements
  • Added a link, that can be copied, in Folder Advanced Details that will redirect to a Learner module and open a Folder
  • Added a link, that can be copied, in LE Advanced Details that will redirect to a Learner module, open a Folder and then launch an LE
  • Added a link, that can be copied, in LE Advanced Details that will open a popup and launch an LE directly in that popup
  • Added a Delete from Folder button in the LE Details
  • Enhanced Search to include Instructor, Location and LE Format Types
  • Updates to PDF token list
LMS Admin > Catalog > Quizbuilder
  • Added a popup to alert people they have questions that have not been saved
LMS Admin > Teams
  • "Update Only" option added to Bulk Learner Import.
LMS Admin > Configuration > Resources > Instructors
  • Instructors can now be delegated via Roles as well as Individually
Additional Updates

5.4 - September 2017

Report Performance
Report performance updates to better support very large data sets of learning content and attempt records.

LMS Admin > Assessment Authoring
  • User Interface Updates
  • Support for Repeated Questions
  • Question Import Improvements
LMS Admin > Access Codes
  • Ability to include Roles from Additional Portals
  • Improved Performance
Additional Updates

5.3 - July 2017

Assessment Authoring Tool
The Assessment Authoring Tool allows LMS Admin to create quizzes and surveys for their learners. Admins can quickly build a simple quiz that asks a fixed number of questions, or something more sophisticated using question groups, randomization and Learner feedback.

Learner Module
  • Simplified the Learner Transcript export file
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • Assessment Authoring Tool
    • 6 Available Question Types
    • Passing Score
    • Time Limits
    • Randomize Questions
    • Randomize Answers
    • Question Grouping
    • Reusable Question Pools
    • Embedded Image Support
    • Question Feedback
    • Answer Feedback
    • Upload Quizzes from Excel
    • React based design with elegant UI
  • New interface for quickly creating new Learning Elements (LE)
  • Simplified LE Details
  • New LE Type for Microsoft Assets
  • New LE Type for Google Assets
  • Built in Viewer for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Built in Viewer for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
LMS Admin > Enrollment
  • Added Auto Enroll (true/false) column to Export Enrollment file
  • Added Completion Column to Folder Details Reports
Additional Updates

5.2 - January 2017

Role Membership Rules
Learning Role Membership can be automatically added or dropped based on Learner Profile values and Team membership. This automation can substantially reduce the administration of Learner assignments.

Learner Module
  • LMS Admin can now impersonate Learners by selecting an ‘Active Learner'
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • LE Attempts can now be limited by ‘Failed Only'
LMS Admin > Enrollment
  • Added the ability to Export Enrollment Records to CSV
LMS Admin > My Team
  • Added Role Membership Rule builder for creating simple or complex Rules.
  • Role Membership Rules are automatically applied when:
    • Creating New Roles
    • Updating Rules
    • Creating New Learners
    • Updating Learner Profile Fields
    • Bulk Learner Import
  • Broad Server Security updates
  • PCI compliance for all SaaS clients
Additional Updates

5.1 - October 2016

Folder Prerequisites
Folder access now includes prerequisites which can be based on the completion or success status of other Folders or Learning Events. Folders can also be hidden from view if they have prerequisites.

Learner Module
  • LEs and Folders show when the attempt status is from an Archived attempt
LMS Admin > Catalog
  • Folders now support prerequisites that can be based on other Folders or LEs
  • Folders can be hidden if they have prerequisites
  • Learning Elements prerequisites can now be based on Folders as well as other LEs
  • Learning Elements can be hidden if they have prerequisites
  • LE Details Expected Duration now accepts Hours and Seconds as well Minutes
  • Added warning messages to Move and Copy when using drag and drop
  • Include Past Due Sessions in the Learning Catalog Tree View
LMS Admin > Enrollment
  • New option to automatically register to Sessions when Learning Role is assigned
  • Create Attempt Records Confirmation Dialog shows number of New Attempts and Total Active Learners
  • Create Attempt Records action will abort if Total Active Learners will exceed License Limit
  • Include Past Due Sessions in the Learning Catalog Tree View
LMS Admin > My Team
  • New checkbox list for child portal access permissions.
Additional Updates
  • Calendar performance improvements
  • Added Roster icon link to ILT Session List
  • Updated Online Documentation

5.0 - August 2016

Calendar and Amazon Storage
New Learner Calendar control to view ILT and Courses with due dates. Amazon AWS Storage with international delivery network.

LMS Admin
  • Support for PC, iOS, iPad and Mobile for all Admin UI
  • Added Check Boxes for Multiple Folder Select
Reports > Features
  • Save sorting and grouping configuration in Report Definition
  • Export scheduled reports in PDF, XLS and CSV
  • Report Description is included in Export
  • Role and Team columns have been added to appropriate reports
  • Headers with Aggregation have been added when grouping columns
  • Added 'Authorized' column to the Learner Activity: LE Details report
Learner > Calendar
  • Sessions tab has been converted to Calendar
  • Supports both Month Calendar and List layout
  • Learners can drill down to their My Plan
Amazon Storage
  • All SCORM content can now be stored on AWS
  • Extra high bandwidth delivery
  • International Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) to minimize hops
  • Content delivery is ultra-secure with time stamped token access
  • Sort options for Data, Primary and Secondary
  • Updated Chart Presentation and mouse over Tool Tips
  • Configuration tab replaced with Context Menu
Additional Updates
  • DNN Software Framework 8.0 Support
  • Integrated OpenSesame 2.0 Content Marketplace (20,000 Courses)
  • Updated Telerik Controls
  • Integrated Single Sign On with Abila solutions
  • Numerous Learner and LMS Admin UI updates
  • Added optional "Authorize" Column to the Bulk Learner Import
  • Unregistered past due Sessions hidden from Learner
  • Updated Online Documentation

4.8 - March 2016

Report Updates 
All Reports have been updated to the modern data grid layout. The data grid allows sorting, grouping, page size and pagination.

Reports > Configuration
  • Added Show Tabs Bar and Available Tabs check boxes
Reports > Features
  • All Reports are now presented in a data grid
  • Footers with Aggregation have been added when Grouping columns
  • Added Folder Selector Filter to appropriate reports
Reports > Updates
  • Added: Learner Activity: Summary
  • Dropped: Role Activity: LE Detail
            Replaced by: Learner Activity/Transcript: LE Detail - add, then group on the Role column
  • Dropped: Role Activity: Question Detail
            Replaced by: Learner Activity/Score: Question Detail - add, then group on the Role column
  • Dropped: Role Activity: Most Active
            Replaced by: Learner Activity: Summary (new report) - add, then group on the Role column
  • Dropped: LE Utilization: Role Detail
            Replaced by: LE Utilization: Learner Detail - add, then group on the Folder, LE and Role column
  • Dropped: Question Utilization with Role Detail ->
            Replaced by: Question Utilization: Learner Detail - add, then group on the Role column
  • Dropped: Question Utilization: Most Utilized
            No Replacement
Additional Updates
  • Numerous Learner and LMS Admin UI updates
  • Added abbreviated timezone code to Session Titles
  • Localized Notifications
  • Added [LE:Duration] and [REF:Duration] tokens to PDF templates
  • Updated Online Documentation

4.7 - November 2015

Accord LMS has integrated the OpenSesame training course catalog. An LMS Admin can select from thousands of OpenSesame Courses, specify the number of seats and the new Courses will be automatically added to your existing Accord catalog.

LMS Admin > Catalog > Folder > Folder Details > Scoring
  • OpenSesame Marketplace Integration
LMS Admin > Configuration> OpenSesame
  • OpenSesame Account Configuration
LMS Admin > Configuration> Notifications
  • Notification Templates renamed for greater clarification
LMS Admin > Configuration> Resources
  • Instructor and Location Resource list updated to data grid layout with pagination
Additional Updates

4.6 - August 2015

Folder Types
Accord LMS now provides improved Learning Path and Course support with Folder Types. Each Folder Type has configurable features and rules to help catalog course designers lay out a more cohesive and intuitive learning structure.

LMS Admin > Configuration > Folder Types
  • 4 default Folder Types: Learning Path; Collection; Course; Chapter
  • Customize default Folder Types and Create New
  • Scoring Process options: Roll Up; Pass Through
  • Added a 'Pass Through' icon for all Folder Types that Pass Through
LMS Admin > Catalog > Folder > Folder Details > Scoring
  • Passing Score 
  • Scoring Weighting options: None; Equal; Custom
LMS Admin > Catalog > Learning Element
  • Added new LE Completion Event to execute HTTP requests
  • Added a link to export SCO as a zip deployment package from the LE Details UI
Instructor Led Training
  • Sessions listed by descending date in the LMS Admin UI
  • Added a 'Copy' button to existing Session Details 
  • Certificate tokens [LE:LastRegisterSessionStartDate], [LE:LastRegisterSessionEndDate], [REF:LastRegisterSessionStartDate], [REF:LastRegisterSessionEndDate]
Instructor Led Training > GoToWebinar/GoToTraining Sessions
  • Citrix registration executed at same time as ILT Session registration
  • Trace is logged for each registration
  • ILT Roster synchronization with Citrix
  • General Performance Updates
  • Learner Transcript Performance Updates
  • Learner Transcript are now launched in their own tab
  • Added Team columns to additional Reports
  • Added Learning Roles and Due Date Display columns to additional Reports
Additional Updates
  • Charts: proper matching of data types and columns; Improved UI
  • LE Edit Performance Improvement
  • Updated LE Types icons
  • Evoq 8.1 Certification
  • Better mobile pop-up support, including iOS
  • Added new input for SMTP Server and Port
  • Updated Template Tokens
  • Updated Online Documentation

4.5 - May 2015

Graphically represent any of your report data. Charts come in five useful presentation types. The Chart display loads immediately for quick viewing. 

  • Create charts from any report definition
  • Chart Types: pie; bar; line; multi bar; multi line
  • Support for multiple Charts on the same page
  • Scheduled task generates Chart data 
  • Chart data is properly limited to the LMS Admin Type viewing the Chart
Team Filter for ILT Sessions
  • Sessions visibility can be limited to specific Teams
  • Added Team column to select Reports
  • Added Learning Roles and Due Date Display columns to select Reports
Additional Updates
  • Support for DNN 7.4.1 and Evoq 8.0.0
  • Installation Performance Improvements
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Updated Online Documentation

4.4 - February 2015

Folder Level Scores and Reports
Learning Catalog Folders now track the cumulative score and completion status of their constituent Learning Elements. New Folder level Reports are available. Folder level Learner scores can be imported from other, legacy LMS.

LMS Admin > Catalog
  • Roll Up values for Score, Passed/Failed and Complete/Incomplete will be stored in new Folder Attempt Records.
  • Folder Attempt Records can be archived to support training renewal and re-certification
  • New LE tracking options
LMS Admin > Catalog > Instructor Lead Training
  • Added Waitlist notification in Learner module
  • Added Waitlist notification in Roster
  • Session Role enrollment notifications
  • Added Calendar Reminder to the .ics file
  • Added SessionURL token that can placed as an HTML link in the .ics file
  • Session Date Formatting
LMS Admin > Enrollment
  • Added "Archived" checkbox to Create Attempt Record
  • Query Learning Elements renamed to Query Learning Catalog
  • Query Learning Roles renamed to Query Learning Roles and Members
LMS Admin > My Team > Learning Role Management
  • Show Role Activation and Expiration dates
LMS Admin > Configuration
  • Import Folder Attempts (available only to host accounts)
  • Added new Default Settings section
LMS Admin > Configuration > Resources > Locations (ILT)
  • Integrated support for GoToWebinar
  • Integrated support for GoToTraining
  • The Learner Transcript has changed from individual Folders to all Folders
  • Learner Templates updated to include Status Details
  • Removed Transcript Icons from Learner My Plan. Transcript is now available from its own tab.
Learner > UI Templates
  • New Tokens: Start Date and Due Date
  • New Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail Report
  • New Learning Folder Summary with Learner Detail Report
  • New Learning Folder with Learner Detail Report
  • Updated - Learner Activity/ Transcript with LE Detail
  • Updated - Learner Activity/ Score with Question Detail Reports
  • Numerous Report Query Performance Improvements
  • Saving and Loading Report Definitions Performance Improvement
  • Gamification is now included in the Accord Standard product at no additional cost
  • Advanced Social, Gamification and Analytics features are still provided in our premium Accord Social product
Additional Updates

4.3 - November 2014

New Learner Experience
The new Accord LMS Learner user interface is now even easier to navigate for both PC and mobile users. The enhancements include: an updated skin, with more layout options; a smoother course to content transition; easier access to information and a more appealing presentation.

Theme Enhancements
  • Support for Full and Column layout
  • Background color and pattern options
  • New Pane layout options
Learner User Interface
  • Select your own Folder Images
  • Folder Details presented in Header
  • Improved Breadcrumbs
Home Page
  • More Options and Modular Layout 
  • Options for What's Happening
Additional Updates

4.2 - August 2014

Instructor Led Training (ILT) support for Waitlist and Virtual classrooms
ILT now provides an option to Waitlist Learners wishing to register for Sessions that are full. Instructors can manually Register waitlisted Learners and there is an option to automatically Register them if space becomes available. 4.02 also includes support for Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) Sessions for webinar based training.

General Updates
  • Support for 7.3.2
  • My Team dropdowns use Load On Demand to support very large team structures
  • New On Page Help for Catalog, Enrollment and My Team pages
  • Updated tree view UI
Administration > Catalog > LE Details > Tracking
  • Added Tracking Options for New and Same window
    • Complete on Open
    • Incomplete on Open
Administration > Catalog > LE (ILT) > Session 
  • Support for Virtual ILT (webinar) Sessions 
  • Support for Waitlist
  • Waitlist Autofill option
  • Calendar Invitation Location
  • Calendar Invitation Body Description
Administration > Catalog > ILT > Session > Roster
  • Send Message to all selected Learners
  • Copy Learners to/from Clipboard for easy management
  • Date and Time added to Heading and Export 
Administration > My Team > LMS Admin Types
  • Learner Management 'Password and Delete' Feature Access option 
Administration > Catalog > Text/HTML & PDF Template
Learner > Configuration > Templates
Cogent Skin
  • Advance Skin Setting Options
  • Support for RTL Languages
  • Support for Azure
Additional Updates

4.1 - June 2014

DNN 7.3 Support
Short development sprint to provide DNN 7.3 support. 

General Updates
  • Support for DNN 7.3
Administration > Catalog > ILT
  • Session Recurrence Date auto-updates
Administration > Catalog > PDF Template
  • Add the [EA:EA Name:Start:End] token to the PDF template
Administration > Catalog > Text/HTML
  • All Tokens supported in PDF Template are now supported for Text/HMTL
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • Added new ILT columns to all reports with LE Details
Additional Updates

4.0 - June 2014

Instructor Led Training
Accord now supports Instructor Led Training (ILT) for a fully blended Learner experience.  Build your training catalog with Online Courseware; ILT; Documents and remote content as well.  Each ILT can have a single or multiple Sessions, and each Session has its own Learner Roster with inline editing for quick Learner status updates.

General Updates
  • Support for Evoq Social 1.3
  • Compliance with 508 and WCAG accessibility standards
Administration > Catalog > Learning Element > ILT
  • New LE Event Source type of Instructor Led Training (ILT) 
  • ILT Sessions can be added as sub nodes under the ILT LE in the Catalog tree. 
  • Session Details include Instructor, Location, Date/Time, Recurrence and Description 
  • Session Calendar Invites are optional and add session details to user's calendar
  • Session Rosters list all registered Learners or candidates (optional). Inline editing allows the Instructor (or LMS Admin) to quickly set the Learners completion, success and score status. Several Roster report export options are available.
Administration > My Team
  • DNN View Permissions added to LMS Admin Types
  • Learning Roles moved to tree node for easier access
  • New default 'Instructor' LMS Admin type
Administration > Configuration > Resource
  • Instructors - Create and Update Instructors for ILT
  • Locations - Create and Update Locations for ILT
Administration > Configuration > Status Types
  • New Session Status Types
Administration > Configuration > Notifications
  • New Notification Templates for Session Creation, Updates and Registration
Learner > Transcripts
  • New Report Layout for Learner Transcripts
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • New Default.Learner.Expansion.Session.Condensed Template

Additional Updates

3.6 - January 2014

Learner UI Performance
The Learner UI now presents many times faster for Learners with very large enrolled content catalogs (15,000+ LE and 5,000+ Folders).

General Updates
  • Support for DNN 7.2
  • Support for Evoq Social 1.2
  • Folder Level Attempt Records
Administration > Enrollment
  • Create Folder Attempt Record
Administration > API
  • GetFullAttemptsLE - pulls LE Attempt records
  • GetFullAttemptsFolder - pulls Folder Attempt records
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • Learner TreeView templates are no longer supported. 
Additional Updates

3.5 - December 2013

Advanced Search Functionality
Indexing now includes all Learning Element meta data as well as words and phrases contained within the Learning Element Source including TXT, HTML, PDF, Office documents) and URLs (both onsite and off site).

General Updates
  • Skin and Layout enhancements for iPhone and Android
  • Continued Migration of UI to DNN Patterns
  • Added Expand/Collapse Panels to Forms
  • ‘My Courses’ renamed to ‘My Plan’
  • ‘Not Viewed’ renamed to ‘Not Started’
  • ‘Incomplete’ renamed to ‘In Progress’
  • Support for Multi-Portal/Tenant
Manager > Catalog
  • New Folder Details fields "Reference 1" and "Reference 2"
  • Added Search to LE Details > Prerequisites UI
Manager > Enrollment
  • Added the ability to enroll content directly to Active Team
  • Added Select / Unselect checkbox
Manager > Configuration > Notifications
  • Default Enrollment Notification Email Template
  • Default Attempt Notification Email Template
Manager > Configuration > Learning Element Types
  • New Quiz non-SCORM Learning Element Type
  • New XML non-SCORM Learning Element Type
Manager > Configuration > Education Activities
  • Added Status input to select either Active or Inactive
Reports Filters
  • Added Display Columns Panel
Reports > Learner Activity with LE Detail report
  • Raw CSV export now includes columns for Comments and CreatedBy
Learner > Configuration > Templates
Additional Updates

3.4 - September 2013

Accord LMS now supports Gamification. Gamify your learning along with all the other great collaboration tools.

General Updates
  • Azure Compatibility
  • Dropped DNN 5 support
  • Support for DNN 7.1.1 and 7.1.2
  • Migration of UI to DNN Patterns
  • Updated Modal and Popup Skins
  • Updated Module Friendly Names: LMS Administration; LMS Reports; LMS Learner
  • Shortened SCO storage path to support very long SCO file and folder names
Administration > Catalog > Folder Details
  • New Folder Field - Local ID (auto increment)
Administration > Catalog > LE Details
  • File Folder TreeView selector uses Load on Demand
Administration > Configuration > Education Activities
  • Gaming Activity Scores – Integration with Evoq Social
Administration > Configuration > Learning Element Types
  • GoToMeeting and WebEx non-SCORM LE Types added
Administration > Configuration > Status Types
  • Learning Element Status Types renamed to Status Types
  • Added icon selection for Learning Element Conditions
Reports > Configuration
  • File Folder TreeView selector uses Load on Demand
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • Default Expansion Template displays Education Activities if present
Registration Form (for SaaS clients)
  • Optional Access Code Submission
  • SQL Proc to validate Access Code
Additional Updates

3.3 - July 2013

Access Code Utilization and Expiration
Now you can track how your Access Codes are utilized via Class Submit, URL Submit, Role Assignment or Learner Import and what user the Access Code was applied to.  You can create a list of ‘one shot’ access codes that can only be used once.  You can also set start and expiration dates.

General Updates
  • Support for DNN 7.1.0
  • New Expansion Learner UI Template
Manager > Enrollment
  • Renaming and clarification of several Action Items
  • Search for Learners results are reset when querying folders
Manager > My Team 
  • Team Learners and Team Admin share common Team Role and Social Groups
Manager > My Team > Send Team Message
  • Email Messages can now be edited using a Rich Text Editor
Manager > My Team > Learning Role Management
  • Role Renewals allowed for Fixed Due Dates
Manager > My Team > Team Access Code
  • Access Code Utilization tracking and Expiration
  • Added option to Add, Drop or Ignore both Learner and LMS Admin status
Manager > My Team > Bulk Team Import
  • Minor corrections and enhancements
Manager > Configuration > General Options
  • Manager API Web Services added
Manager > Configuration > Notifications
  • Email Templates are now available for both LMS Admin and Learners
  • Email Templates can now be edited using a Rich Text Editor
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • New Default.Learner.Expansion Templates
  • Updated Status Icons
Additional Updates
  • Documentation: LMS Admin User Guide
  • Language Packs: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • General Performance Enhancements

3.2 - May 2013

Automated Bulk Import
Bulk Learner Import now supports FTP drop for automatic import/synchronization from HRIS systems. In addition you can map any number of roles and teams from your existing system to the Accord LMS - no need to change names in your import file.

General Updates
  • All CSS classes are now unique to Accord LMS
Manager > My Team > Teams
  • Folder Icons for Unique Team Folder and Role Access
Manager > My Team > Send Team Message
  • Selection controls for Learners and which LMS Admin
Manager > My Team > Bulk Team Import
  • New feature to map any number of Roles and Teams
  • Automatic Import of CSV Import files (FTP Drop)
  • Progress Bar shows CSV Import Upload Status
Reports > Filters 
  • Load on Demand Learning Element Folder TreeView presentation for large Catalogs
Learner > Configuration
  • Option to maintain Folder drill down state or reset between page visits
  • Load on Demand Learning Element Folder TreeView presentation for large Catalogs
Additional Updates
  • Documentation: LMS Admin User Guide
  • Language Packs: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • General Performance Enhancements

3.1 - March 2013

CSS and Layout Updates
Numerous enhancements to the CSS, layout and UI.

General Updates
  • Improved CSS consistency throughout application
  • Three State TreeView improvements
  • Profile Page Layout
Manager > Configuration > Enhanced Feature Status
  • Customization of LE Loader path shown in the modal and popup windows
Learner > Access Codes
  • Notify Learner of Learning Roles assigned via Access Code submission
Additional Updates
  • Documentation: LMS Admin User Guide
  • Language Packs: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • SQL Performance Enhancements

3.0 - February 2013

PC, iPad and smart phone support.
The Accord LMS now comes with a state of the art responsive skin and Learner catalog templates.  These allow the Accord to properly present on any size of device - from 300 pixels wide to over 1000.

General Updates
  • Full support for DNN 7
  • New Cogent Skin
  • Updated Bulk Import with HRIS Support
Manager > Catalog
  • _Orphans folder now has the option to "Delete All Orphan LE"
  • Simplified enrollment, tool tips, move and copy of folders/LE
  • Ability to set EU Categories for each LE
  • Display a Resource Icon for all Resource LE
  • Two new Tokens for the PDF Templates: LE::EU and REF::EU
Manager > Enrollment
  • If a folder is enrolled, then everything under the folder is enrolled to the role or user
  • Display a Resource Icon for all Resource LE
Manager > My Team > LMS Admin Types
  • LMS Admin Type availability based on Teams
Manager > My Team > Admin Type Details
  • Added permissions for Report Filters and Definitions
Manager > My Team > New Child Team
  • Team Role can be set to any value
  • Team Role can later be edited
  • Team Role checkbox for "Include Social Groups"
Manager > My Team > Bulk Team Import
  • Extensive new Import settings allow for easy mapping from HRIS systems
  • Definitions can be created and saved for future use
Manager > Configuration
  • Education Unit Category configuration
Manager > Configuration > Learning Element Types
  • Added Articulate ('09) checkbox to force IE=8 compatibility for older Articulate content
Learner > My Plan
  • New responsive Learner Catalog Template [link to blog]
  • Present notification if LE is inactive (e.g. due to an expired role) or unenrolled
  • Updates to the Mobile Learner Templates
Learner > Templates & Tokens
  • LEREFERENCE, LEID, LEEU (education units), FOLDERID
Reports > Filters
  • New checkbox for the Team filters - "Include Parent Teams Enrollments"
  • Changed the behavior of individual and role enrollment filters
Additional Updates
  • Documentation: Learner and LMS Admin User Guides
  • Updated Video Tutorial Library
  • Language Packs: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • SQL Performance Enhancements

2.13 - November 2012

New Team Structure
My Team has been completely refactored to provide a more intuitive and functional layout.  A top level LMS Admin can now manage any of their teams or child teams by right clicking on the Team, LMS Admin or Learner nodes for a full featured context menu.

Manager > My Team
  • Presents Entire Team Architecture as a Tree View
  • Each Team is a tree node, with child nodes for LMS Admin types and Learners
Manager > My Team > Team > Context Menu Options
  • View/Edit Team Details
  • Folder and Role Access
  • LMS Admin Types
  • Access Codes
  • Send Message
  • New Child Team
Manager > My Team > Team > LMS Admin > Context Menu Options
  • LMS Admin Management
  • LMS Admin Notifications
  • Bulk LMS Admin Import
  • Bulk LMS Admin Assignment
Manager > My Team > Team > Learner > Context Menu Options
  • Learner Management
  • Learner Notifications
  • Learning Role Management
  • Bulk Learning Role Assignment
  • Bulk Learner Import
  • Bulk Learner Assignment
Learner > Configuration > Templates
  • Mobile optimized templates have been added.
Learner > Configuration > Catalog
  • Updated Selection Workflow
  • Enhanced Redirection Options
Terminology Updates
  • LMS Managers are now called LMS Admin
  • Learning Events are now called Learning Elements
Additional Updates
  • Documentation: Learner and LMS Admin User Guides
  • Language Packs: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • SQL Performance Enhancements

2.12 - August 2012

Learner Interface - List View
The Accord LMS Learner interface can now be presented in a List View format.  The modern and attractive iPad/Mobile compatible layout is easy to navigate and provides excellent response for large catalogs. Quick Links provide immediate access to associated Transcripts and Resources.

  • Added List View support and new templates for Learning Element catalog.
  • Over a dozen new tokens have been added.
  • Quicklinks for My Plan, Archive, Resources, Transcript and Catalog.
Learner > My Plan & Archive
  • Removed Folder and LE context menu from the default template.
Manager > My Team > Bulk Learner Import
  • Added Optional Roles and Access Codes columns for CSV Import File.
  • BCC email address added for notifications.
Manager > My Team > Bulk Role Assignment
  • Added Optional Roles and Access Codes columns for CSV Import File.
Manager > Configuration
  • Added Learning Events Status Types.
Language Packs for the Learner & Reports UI
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish (includes Manager and Admin UI as well)
Performance Updates
  • CSS and JS compression added to improve performance.

2.11 - June 2012

Support for DNN 6.2 and Social Roles
The Accord LMS user interface handles all Security Roles and allows LMS managers to enable new Social settings as well.

Learner > Resource
  • A new Learner > Resource tab option is now available to present non-tracked Resources on a separate page. 
Performance Updates
  • The SQL queries used to present the Learner Catalog have been refactored.  Learner trees filtered to a folder now load much faster.
  • Many of the Learning Event Type Icons have been updated.

2.10 - April 2012

Learning Event Catalog - Load As Needed
The Learning Event Catalog TreeGrids can now be loaded ‘As Needed’.  Only the top level of Folder and Learning Events are loaded initially.  As a Manager drills down into the TreeGrid, each new level is populated dynamically using Ajax and Web Services. This allows Managers to manipulate very large Learning Event catalogs with thousands of folders and tens of thousands of Learning Events. 

Manager > Configuration > General Options
  • Manager Learning Event Catalog TreeGrids can now be loaded ‘Full’ or ‘As Needed’.  ‘Full’ is the standard and default behavior.  It fully loads the TreeGrid with all folder and LE nodes when the page is loaded. When expanding a folder the response is immediate.  If you select the ‘As Needed’, the TreeGrid will only load one level of folders and LE at a time.  The folder expansion time is slower, but barely noticeable.
Manager > Catalog > LE Details
  • Accumulate Duration while Incomplete checkbox is now available for non-SCORM LE.  This will cause the duration to be accumulated for each viewing. The duration will continue to accumulate until the LE is marked as ‘Completed’.
Learner > Transcript
  • Private Logo branding is available for all the Learner Reports: Transcripts; Score Details and Attempt History
PDF Templates & Tokens
  • [LE:SCORE] and [REF:SCORE] tokens have been added to allow score display as a decimal value.
  • [LE:SCOREPERCENTAGE] and [REF:SCOREPERCENTAGE] tokens are still supported.
  • Reports can now be filtered based on Teams - either the Active Team or any of its Child Teams.

2.09 - March 2012

Learner Transcripts
New Transcripts tabs allow Learners to pull Transcripts for any enabled Folder. Administrators can enable Transcripts for specific folders. Updated options and column selection are now available for all Learner Reports: Transcripts; Score Details and Attempt History.

Learner General
  • Logic to present the score in the Learner My plan and Archive is the same used in Reports
  • Increased performance of Conditions Satisfied notifications
Learner > Configuration
  • "Include Expired" option made default for Transcripts
  • Updated options and column selection are now available for all Learner Reports
Learner > Templates & Tokens
  • New Transcript Templates
Manager General
  • Added Transcript token to all default Manager Templates
  • Managers are only notified about Role Enrollment, not about individual Learners
  • Date / Time stamps added to enrollment tables
Manager > Enrollment
  • Performance increase for notification processing
  • Performance increase for handling very large number of roles
  • Create Attempt Records with specific course dates and time
Manager > My Team
  • My Notifications UI and settings removed
  • Authorize & Notify when new users now available for non-DNN Admin who have Manager Permissions
  • All commas from numeric fields have been removed
  • Support added for Chinese characters in all Reports
  • All dates and times are recorded as UTC

2.08 - January 2012

Access Codes
Access Codes can be used to create new users on remote portals and to assign or drop eLearning content.  Continued performance enhancements and user interface simplification.

Learner General
  • Archive tab holds "Unenrolled Content" and "Expired Content"
Learner > Configuration > Templates
Manager General
  • "Dashboard" tab has been removed from the Manager module.  The same information is now available in the Reports module Dashboard tab.
Manager > Catalog
  • "View / Edit Enrollment" has been added to the Folder context menu
  • Notifications are sent to Manager and Learners when a folder or LE is moved
Manager > Enrollment
  • Team Members and Learning Roles can be selected independently.
  • Delete Attempt Records can be either Logical (soft) or Physical (hard)
  • Option to Physically Delete ONLY Logically Deleted Attempt Records
  • Create and Delete attempt record performance improvement
Manager > My Team
  • Bulk Learner Import - Added an option to require new password on Learners first login
  • Copy Teams with options to include Child Teams and to create new Manager Roles
Access Codes
  • Submission of Access Code can create new users on either client or host portals
  • Submission of Access Code will include Auto-Assignment roles when creating new Users
  • Filter settings simplified. Advanced Settings listed separately.
  • New User Profile Properties selector in the Filters UI for reports with Learner Details
  • ‘Not Viewed’ Reports are rendered faster.
  • Export to PDF supports Chinese characters
  • Reports standardize on UTC Timestamp for all dates and times.
Reports > Definitions
  • Added a "Generate Report" link to both Deliveries and Filters section
Reports > Delivery Schedule
  • Definitions are delivered using the batch email queue
  • Added Quicktest email address option for testing delivery

2.07 - October 2011

Team Management
Manager Profiles have been refactored as Teams to better support corporate training hierarchies.  Overall simplification of the user interface and terminology.

Support for Extended Enterprise
  • Share your Learning Event Catalog across an Extended Enterprise
  • Support Employees, Vendors and Customers with private portals using common training assets.
  • Centralized content management and reporting.
  • License option to include multiple Client Child and Domain portals.  
  • Access Codes can include Client Portal Roles
  • Learner Module can be placed on Client Portal and connect to central Manager Module (Host Catalog)
  • Reports Module can be placed on Client Portal and connect to a central Manager Module (Host Catalog)
  • These feature enhancements require an Enterprise License
Learner General
  • Summary tab renamed to Dashboard
  • Classes tab renamed to Access
Learner > My Plan
  • Role Award removed from Condition Flag tooltip and added to LE Details tooltip
Learner > Configuration > Templates
Manager General
  • Summary tab renamed to Dashboard
  • My Learners tab renamed to My Team
Manager > Catalog
  • Conditions (Prerequisites and Attempt Limit) moved to LE Context Menu > Edit/View LE Conditions
  • Attempt Limits moved to LE Context Menu > Edit/View Completion Events
  • Role Award Limit moved to LE Details tooltip
Manager > My Team
  • Team Management – replacement for Manager Profiles
  • Bulk Learner Import, Bulk Role Assignment and Bulk Membership Assignment file format is now CSV instead of TSV
Manager > Configuration
  • LMS Administrators moved to its own section
  • LE Status Notifications (sent to Learners) moved to Notifications
  • Training Access Codes renamed to Access Codes
  • Role Base Redirection includes both Role and Team filtering
  • License Key and Details: Network Access renamed to Enterprise Access
  • Reports Definitions can now be scheduled for periodic delivery.
  • New Report Types:
    • Role Activity: Most Active
    • Learner Activity: Most Active
    • LE Utilization: Most Utilized
    • Question Utilization: Most Utilized
  • New Report Filter options:
    • Expired Learner Access Roles
    • Incomplete only if NO Complete

2.06 - August 2011

Token / Template support for LE Catalog
Extensive support of Template / Tokens for the LE Catalog, including branching.  Provides complete customization of the LE Catalog presented to your Learner's My Plan.

General Enhancements
  • Increased performance
  • DNN 6.0 Compatibility
  • IE9 Compatibility issues resolved
  • Chrome and Safari now display the catalog folder at 100% width
  • SCO communication of LEID and LE title to the cmi object
Manager > Catalog
  • Added Rich Text Box option when editing Folder Details
Manager > Catalog > LE Details
  • Education Units added for all event sources
  • Attempt Limit Reset with Reset options added to Learning Events
  • Status Change and Learner Comment Notifications
  • SCO duration can now be reported either by SCO or LMS
  • Added Location (Slide) to Complete option – used to calculate % complete
  • Added "Fail" upon "Incomplete" and "Pass" upon "Complete" options to Utilization Tracking
Manager > Enrollment
  • Added Logical and Physical option for Deleting Attempt Records
  • Added Restore Attempt Records option.
  • Create Attempt Record includes Location and Comment fields
Manager > My Learners > My Notifications
  • Customize your own Notifications Preferences or accept the Manager Profile Defaults
Manager > Configuration > Manager Profiles
  • Selection of Notifications for Learners, LMS Admin and Manager Profiles
  • All My Learners (based on Node Membership) added to Learner Selection filters
Learner > Configuration
  • Template / Token support for Learning Event Catalog
  • Additional options: Show Tabs, Show Unenrolled LE and others
New Reports Module (Beta)
  • New Reports Module utilizes Telerik Reporting Engine for exceptional functionality
  • Enhanced Summary page
  • Total of 6 Reports are now provided, more coming
  • 10 different export format options: Web Viewer, PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Raw CSV export supports reports with over 100,000 records
  • Report Filtering supports multiple folder and column selection
Updated Documentation
  • Available from the Documentation page
  • Accord LMS - Learners Guide
  • Accord LMS - Manager Guide

2.05 - February 2011

Hierarchical Training Support
Create Hierarchical Training Structures with Learners and Managers segregated by company, region or any other criteria.

Manager > Configuration > Manager Profiles
  • Node Membership (for hierarchical training)
Manager > My Learners
  • Bulk Membership Assignment New!
Manager > Catalog > LE Conditions
  • Attempt Limit Reset
Reports (beta)
  • Question Utilization: Learner Detail New!
  • Additional Report Filter options
  • Completion and Success Columns
  • Selectable Report Columns
Manager API
  • GetAttempts() enhancements
Updated Documentation
  • Accord LMS - Quick Start
  • Accord LMS - Manager Guide
  • Accord LMS - Basic Setup
  • Accord LMS - Advanced Setup - Manager Profiles
  • Accord LMS - Manager API
  • Video Tutorial - Manager Catalog
  • Video Tutorial - Manager Enrollment
  • Video Tutorial - Manager Configuration
  • Video Tutorial - Basic Setup - New!
  • Video Tutorial - Basic Setup - LMS Admin Profile New!
Price Sheet
  • Multiple Domain Option

2.04 - November 2010

Learner & Role Management
Ability to create and manage users and roles within the LMS. Utilizes Manager Profile filtering and permissions.

Manager > Catalog
  • New Learning Event Source: PDF Template. Utilize native PDF documents for announcements and certificates. Includes support for over 100 tokens.
Manager > Enrollment > Action Panel
  • Option to process Deleted Users
Manager > My Learners
  • Learner Management
  • Bulk Learner Import 
  • Role Management
  • Bulk Role Assignment
Manager & Learner
  • Improved Catalog TreeGrid Presentation
  • Code Optimization
  • SQL Proc Optimization
  • HTML Optimization
Learner > Configuration
  • LE Attempts - present Best, Last or Last Completed
Reports Module (beta)
  • New Standalone Report module - put reports where you want them.
  • Utilizes the Telerik Reporting Engine to provide superior quality.
  • Expanded Report Filtering options.
  • Numerous export options.  Export to PDF and Excel require full trust.
  • Cross Portal Support
Updated Documentation
  • Accord LMS - Learners Guide 
  • Accord LMS - Managers Guide

2.02 - August 2010

Manager > Enrollment > Action Panel
  • Learner Catalog View - adds LE Folders to a Learner's Catalog
  • Drop Learner Catalog View - drops LE Folders from a Learner's Catalog
Learner > Classes
  • Added training Status column to Roles table - provides a roll up status of all associated Learning Events
Learner > Configuration
  • Filter eLearning to a specific branch/folder of the Catalog
Updated Documentation
  • Video Tutorial - Learner Overview  New!
  • Video Tutorial - Manager Overview  New!

2.01 - June 2010

LMS Manager API 
Migration of LMS Manager module services to an API - clients can now create their own custom DNN Learner UI
  • Migration of LMS Learner module to utilize the Manager API
  • Updated Documentation

2.00.10 - May 2010

Refactoring of code to support (in upcoming release):

  • Migration of LMS Manager module services to an API
  • Migration of LMS Learner module to utilize the API
  • Migration of LMS Reporting services to the Telerik Reporting Engine

Updated Documentation

  • Accord LMS - Learners Guide 
  • Accord LMS - Managers Guide  
  • Accord LMS - Advanced Setup - Manager Profiles  New!

2.00.7 - April 2010

Learner > Configuration

  • Role/Class Start and Due Date Notifications
  • Tab Selection Enhancements
  • Each Learner Tab has a Unique URL

Manager > Catalog

  • Allow asynchronous SCORM content updates
  • Performance Enhancements

Manager > Configuration > Manager Profiles

  • LMS Admin Profile – Grant to any Role

Manager > Configuration > Notifications

  • Select Notification Batch Size and Period
  • License and Maintenance Expiration Enhancements

SCORM Certification Enhancements

  • Camtasia
  • Articulate
  • Lectora
  • MOS

Updated Documentation

  • Accord LMS - Basic Setup  New!
  • Accord LMS - Quick Start  


  • CSS Streamlining
  • User Ergonomics

2.00.5 - March 2010

Learning Event Catalog

  • Delete Learning Events from Context Menu

Learning Event Catalog TreeGrids

  • Faster load times
  • Title and Description flow to full width
  • Visual enhancements

Event Logging 

  • Expanded configuration options

Updated Documentation

  • Accord LMS - Learners Guide 
  • Accord LMS - Managers Guide  
  • Accord LMS - Quick Start Guide

Price Sheet Updates

  • Active Learner - only count active learners towards your license limit
  • Software Escrow

2.00 - February 2010

Manager Profiles
Define administrative authority within the Accord LMS. Create any number of profiles, each with very granular control over access to Learners, Learning Event content and LMS Manager functionality.

Manager Profiles

  • LMS Admin Profile
  • Manager Profile Details
  • Active Profile Dropdown

My Learners

  • My Notifications
  • Send Messages


1.05 - November 2009

Manager > Catalog

  • Learning Event Details - Event Source: URL/File
  • Learning Event Details - Event Source: Module
  • Learning Event Details - Event Source: Text/HTML

Manager > Configuration

  • Learning Event Types - Event Source: Non-SCORM

Manager > Enrollment

  • Action Panel w/ Parameters
  • Action Panel - Create Attempt

Learner > Configuration

  • Classes
  • Classes > Role Details

New Certifications

  • SCORM 4th Edition
  • ToolBook
  • iSpring
  • MOS Solo


  • Bulk Learner Import
  • Bulk Role Assignment

1.04 - October 2009

  • Medium Trust - the Accord LMS now runs in Medium Trust Environments
  • Extended LE (XLE) - launch URL (local and external)
  • Extended LE (XLE) - launch Files (view and download)
  • Extended LE (XLE) - SCORM tracking for launch Open, Close and Duration
  • XLE Launch Window Options - New or Current Window
  • TreeGrid - formatting updates
  • Stabilization - General enhancements and bug fixes

1.03 - August 2009

  • License - now supports Active (concurrent) Learner count
  • Email Notifications - for license expiration
  • Email Notifications - for learner count limit
  • Anonymous Access - to Learning Events
  • New Manager Report - Quiz Results
  • LE Launch Window Options - RadWindow or Popup Window
  • Stabilization - General enhancements and bug fixes

1.02 - June 2009

  • Bulk Upload (FTP) - for Content Objects
  • Manager > Catalog – Auto scroll browser window when organizing LE
  • Reports – Add attempt filter criteria for Best, Latest and All
  • Assigned User – Allow LE access for non-registered users
  • Enrollment - Select All / Unselect All for Folder and LE
  • Stabilization - General enhancements and bug fixes

1.01 - May 2009

  • Performance – LE Details dialog opens using Ajax
  • Performance – Viewstate size reduction
  • Certification – Lectora content
  • Catalog - Click Icon to open Folder or LE Details
  • Framework - Added support for DNN 5.1+
  • Stabilization - General enhancements and bug fixes

1.00 - March 2009

  • Internal/Beta Release - Initial feature set


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