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Quickly deliver learning to your organization,
partners and customers.

Create your Community.

Organize Social interaction around
Course or Team membership.

Get your Game On!

Gamification engages learners and
rewards accomplishments.

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Keep it Simple
Make it Easy on Yourself
Intuitive Learner interface with single click access to resources and transcripts.  Quickly build your course catalog with familiar drag and drop tools. Useful and to the point video tutorials.

Build Learner Communities
Accord LMS provides the tools you need to quickly build social networks. Create groups for specific Courses or Teams. Learners have their own Journal to post ideas and follow their friends and groups.

Smart Move
Keep Ahead of the Curve
Customize your Learner training structure, layout and presentation. Skin and brand your portal as you please.  Hundreds of DNN extensions allow the Accord LMS to grow and evolve with your company.

Motivate Engagement
Advanced social features foster cooperation and team building. Leaderboards and badges reward contributions and accomplishments. Spot trending topics to optimize community health.

Affordable Pricing
Everything You Need
The Accord is one of the most innovative, extensible and cost effective platforms in the LMS industry. 200 Learner hosted SaaS accounts are $300/month. Self hosted solutions are available as well.

Extended Enterprise
Unlimited Channel Portals
Leverage the power of Accord LMS to extend eLearning across your enterprise. Serve content from a centralized catalog and deliver to any number of privately branded channel or network portals.