Extended Enterprise LMS

Quickly deliver distributed learning to a variety of learner types through an unlimited number of highly scalable custom branded portals.

Unlimited Learning Portals and Unlimited Learner Types

Unleash the full power of Accord LMS to extend learning across your entire enterprise.  Use a single system to train employees, customers, business partners, and more.  Deliver centralized content through any number of individually branded and localized portals. Each portal can be personalized to provide a unique learning experience.  Global and portal based administration and reports are available. 

Integrate Learning across your Enterprise


Provide targeted learning to your employees - wherever they may be. Track and ensure competencies and certifications from a centralized catalog.  Reduce time to market for products or services through advanced training.


Empower your brand ambassadors. Provide dealer networks, resellers and franchisees access to learning assets, operations guides and promotional materials through their own privately branded portals. 


Create customer portals to demonstrate product usage, training guides and FAQs.  Reduce Customer Support and increase satisfaction by answering questions before they arise. Use eCommerce to monetize your valuable courseware.

If you have extended enterprise training initiatives with your channel or customers, then you should be including the Accord LMS in the vendor mix.

 John Leh,  CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC

Improve Productivity, Satisfaction and ROI


Target learning for your employees, partners, resellers, dealers, and franchisees with online, virtual and classroom training. Easy access at any time from any device helps keep everyone up to date.


Create a network of LMS Admins and child Admins to manage different Teams, learners and content independently. Report definitions are also filtered for each level of LMS Admin. 


Unlimited portals allow you to customize registration, features and content for employees, partners and customers. Each site can be white labeled with its own layout, graphics and URL or your choice.

Extended Enterprise Case Studies

Case Study

Name: Catalyst Learning

Industry: Education / Healthcare

Learning: Customer / Compliance

Live Since: 2010

# of Learners: 20,000

Challenge: CLC wanted a single solution for its website, registration, training and anything else its customers might choose to access.  LMS Admins wanted an easier system.

Case Study

Company: ZeOmega

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Customer

Live Since: 2015

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: ZeOmega needed to substantially reduce the time and expense required to train employees, while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Simple.  Smart.  Affordable.
Experience the ease and agility of the Accord LMS.