Compliance Training

It's not enough to train them. You must be able to demonstrate that they've been trained on time, every time.

Take Control of Mandatory Training with the Accord LMS

Ensuring that every employee completes their compliance training on-time, every time is a big job. The Accord compliance learning management system automatically assigns the right training to the right people when they need it, year after year.  Automatic compliance learning reports are emailed to supervisors. Administrators have single click reports to spot problems throughout the organization before its too late. Isn't it time that you knew that your team is 100% compliant.

How can the Accord LMS simplify your compliance training?

It's Easy.


Train anywhere

Workers say a huge roadblock to compliance training is finding time to do it. Reach people where and how they work via smartphone, tablet, etc.

Centralize Administration

Your LMS learners have different roles and duties. Adapt compliance training courses by department, locations or lines of business.

Manage Compliance

Deliver and track training linked to “regs” like HIPAA, OSHA, Fair Lending, AML without maxing your team’s bandwidth. Accord provides the reports you need.

For companies running clinical research studies as well as the hospitals working with the patients who are part of these studies, there is always an opportunity to train. With the Accord LMS, we now have the potential to house this training and offer it to any of the clinicians and healthcare professionals we’re working with.

 Shawn Kennedy,  Lead Clinical Research Trainer and Clinical Research Associate for IMARC

Take the stress out of compliance.

Here are three ways the Accord learning management system helps:


One Nexus for Learning

Serve up content from a consolidated e-learning hub. Deliver our LMS for compliance training to any number of portals, reaching different departments, partners or members.

Integrated Messaging

Get the word out to learners that they have time-sensitive LMS training to complete. Know when they’re in compliance with automatic alerts. 

Automated Reporting

Involve the entire management team in  monitoring staff training goals. Quickly create team compliance learning reports that automatically arrive in the email inboxes of team leaders.

Compliance Learning Case Studies

Case Study

Company: Catalyst Learning

Industry: Education / Healthcare

Learning: Customer / Compliance

# of Learners: 20,000

Challenge: CLC wanted a single solution for its website, registration, training and anything else its customers might choose to access.  LMS Admins wanted an easier system.

Case Study

Company: Fairbanks Scales

Industry: Technology

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: Fairbanks was losing customers because its safety record had slipped. They needed a learner friendly LMS that integrated with their Microsoft SharePoint.

Case Study

Company: Health Prime International

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 500

Challenge: As HPI grew from 30 employees in Maryland to more than 500 in Florida, Georgia and India, HPI’s team needed to automate training without breaking the bank.

Case Study

Company: HIMSA

Industry: Healthcare / Education

Learning: Compliance / Channel

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: HIMSA wanted to train and certify technical staff for a global network of distributors. The system needed to integrate with their other services.

Case Study

Company: INTO University

Industry: Education

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 2,000

Challenge: INTO was required to train their employees to observe strict privacy regulations in Europe and the U.S. to avoid crushing penalties as high as £500,000.

Case Study

Company: Jobson Optical Group

Industry: Healthcare / Education

Learning: Customer / Compliance

# of Learners: 3,000

Challenge: Jobson Optical Group saw a market opportunity to offer non-accredited training, but lacked a scalable platform to distribute and manage the new content.

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