Customer Learning

Improve customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Make easy online learning a part of your value proposition.

Hassle Free LMS Online Training for your customers

Accord's learning management system training gives you a platform to deliver the exact training that customers need to be successful with YOUR product. Give or sell customer access to video training, online courses, important documents, and a community of fellow learners. Talk to a solution specialist to learn how the Accord online customer training LMS can increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and turn your customers into your advocates.

The Accord LMS will ignite customer training

If you’re looking for a way to reach your customers and get them excited about your products, it’s time to choose Accord.


Engage your customers

Find out how much your customers know about your products. Teach them your products’ finer points with interactive, mobile-ready content. 

Target learning

Pinpoint which customers should learn about which products. Tailor the right training to each customer segment.  

Deliver a variety of content

Use an array of SCORM-conformant videos, podcasts, presentations, assessments, quizzes and games to liven up your customer training.

We are now using the Extended Enterprise features of the Accord LMS to deliver customized Learning Paths to our clients’ staff.

 Parag Shah,  President of Health Prime International

Why Accord is the Best LMS for Customer Training

Accord stands out from the crowd in many ways, including:



Intuitive interface and easy course creation allow for a productive experience while in the learning environment for both learners and administrators.

Easily Track & Manage

Easily track and manage training completion with our extensive, in depth reporting features. Automatically deliver reports to managers and others to track their team’s progress.


Mobile compatible on most devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets so your employees can complete their training anywhere in the world on a connected device.

Customer Learning Case Studies

Case Study

Company: Catalyst Learning

Industry: Education / Healthcare

Learning: Customer / Compliance

# of Learners: 20,000

Challenge: CLC wanted a single solution for its website, registration, training and anything else its customers might choose to access.  LMS Admins wanted an easier system.

Case Study

Company: Classical Conversations

Industry: Education

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 10,000

Challenge: Classical Conversations is a global network of Christian communities and needed an LMS to consolidate, deliver and track their training content.

Case Study

Company: Committee for Children

Industry: Education / Nonprofit

Learning:  Customer

# of Learners: 20,000

Challenge: The Committee for Children needed to replace an existing LMS that was difficult to navigate, impeded completions, and failed to integrate well with existing systems.

Case Study

Company: IMARC

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 200

Challenge: IMARC wanted to monetize their existing training materials, but had no experience with employee learning management systems.

Case Study

Company: Jobson Optical Group

Industry: Healthcare / Education

Learning: Customer / Compliance

# of Learners: 3,000

Challenge: Jobson Optical Group saw a market opportunity to offer non-accredited training, but lacked a scalable platform to distribute and manage the new content.

Case Study

Company: ZeOmega

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: ZeOmega needed to substantially reduce the time and expense required to train employees, while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

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