Meet Our Team

Every member of our team is dedicated to your success. You can count on us.

About the Accord LMS Team

Since 2009 Accord has provided a smart, secure and scalable learning management solution to millions of users around the world. Headquartered at the Accord family office in Boise, Idaho our goal is to provide a cost effective enterprise class learning management system to organizations of all sizes, regardless of their workforce distribution or types of learners. We understand that your success is our success. 

Meet Our Founders

Chris Wylie

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has focused his professional career on creating intuitive user interfaces for scientific and consumer applications. He enjoys philosophy, hiking in the back country and mountain biking. 

Jeff Redford

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff has extensive experience leading support and sales teams, and managing contracts and budgets. He likes time with friends, building ornamental ponds and fly fishing on wild and scenic rivers.

Our Team is Dedicated to Your Success

Javier Rodriguez

Chief Technical Officer

Javier, a twenty year IT veteran, provides expert guidance both in the office and at team barbecues. He likes to run with his dogs along the endless beaches near his home and rebuild old motorcycles.

Rick Bruce

Director of Product Development

Rick has provided product design and marketing expertise for both the Health Care and eLearning industries. In addition to making magic happen at work, he performs as the Village Wizard.

Manuel Bueno

Director of Customer Support

Manuel has spent more than a decade designing, programming, breaking, fixing and playing with software.  Outside of the office he spends time with family, friends and reading science fiction.

The Accord Culture Code

The Accord team actively promotes and models open and respectful communications, honesty, fairness, right livelihood, generosity and loyalty. All of our actions consider the greater good. We are dedicated to the security and well being of our families, our clients, our community and the world beyond.

Smart.  Secure.  Scalable.
Experience the ease and agility of the Accord LMS.