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From end to end, the Accord LMS was simpler to work with. Being able to assign training based on roles, instead of individuals, without any behind-the-scenes coding was a selling point.

 Mark Taylor,  Vice President for IT/New Media at Catalyst Learning Company

Catalyst Learning Company's LMS Success Story

Louisville, Ky.-based Catalyst Learning Company (CLC) provides career development programs for healthcare professionals ranging from entry-level workers to supervisory nurses. The strategies and tools CLC provides improve patient care, hone supervisory skills, insure certifications are met and, perhaps most importantly, increase employee satisfaction and retention. 


Prior to 2010, CLC used an LMS that was not part of its course registration system. Training in general, and the LMS in particular, required additional sign-ins even after having logged in to the main CLC website. CLC wanted a single solution for its website, registration, training and anything else its customers might choose to access. 

CLC desired full access to its training data and the ability to customize the LMS user interface and experience. 

CLC was spending too much time manipulating its LMS to deliver and report on training. They wanted a simpler, more intuitive tool for its LMS administrators.

LMS Use Study Results

Since implementing the Accord LMS, Taylor says the system has integrated perfectly for CLC. Because the Learner’s UI is fully templated and supports multiple tenant portals, CLC can customize different instances of the system for individual hospitals while managing all the content and reporting from a central catalog.

When compared to CLC’s previous LMS, Taylor has seen a 20 percent reduction in his staff’s time to manage training because the Accord LMS is so intuitive and flexible. 

According to Taylor, since the Accord LMS has been in place, his team has eliminated all the time they used to spend registering users for training or compiling data on course scores. “We’re tracking course completions easily and with 100-percent accuracy by using the Accord LMS,” adds Taylor.

Industry: Education / Healthcare

Learning: Customer / Compliance

Live Since: 2010

# of Learners: 20,000

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