License Agreement

Software License Agreement
IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: by installing, downloading, copying or otherwise using the Accord LMS ("Accord") software (the "software") or any associated media, printed or electronic user manuals or guides or instructions regarding the use of such software (the "documentation") that Accord may provide, you (on behalf of yourself or as an authorized representative on behalf of an entity) hereby agree to all the terms regarding your use of the software and documentation found in the Software License Agreement (the "agreement"). If you do not agree with all of the terms of this agreement, do not download, install, copy or otherwise use the software. Accord reserves the right to update the Software License Agreement at any time without notice.

Accord LMS Software License Agreement Accord LMS Software License Agreement Download

Services Terms and Conditions
Services are provided by the Accord LMS development and support teams. Services can include training; software development; and portal configuration, and Accord LMS and third party module setup and configuration.

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Software License Maintenance and Support

SaaS and Self Hosted Subscriptions

All Accord LMS subscriptions include ongoing Maintenance and Support for the duration of the subscription.

Self Hosted Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual Licenses include 1 year Maintenance and Support contract with initial purchase.  Additional 1 year Maintenance and Support contract extensions can be purchased.

Attention: All Self Hosted Perpetual License holders whose Maintenance Contract has expired must contract Support to renew their Maintenance contract BEFORE upgrading. If you update your Accord LMS to a new version but with an out of date Maintenance Contract - your LMS will cease to function.  You will need to roll back your website or renew  your maintenance contract to resume operation.  To review your current License and Maintenance Contract status please open the Accord LMS Administration and navigate to: Configuration > License Key and Details