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LMS Integration: Six Methods to Consider
Modern Learning Management Systems are designed to fit seamlessly into an ecosystem of software solutions. Accord offers six different integration approaches to help you fit the Accord LMS into your computing environment.  This article will discuss each available solution and offer suggestions which may help you decide which approach will work best.
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Automated Bulk Import

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Bulk Learner Import now provides advanced HRIS support.  Learners along with their training assignments can be exported from an HRIS system to a CSV file and then FTPed to the Accord LMS server.  A scheduled Accord LMS service will look for the CSV file and then automatically import the Learners and their training assignments.
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Single Sign-On Tips

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Here are some useful tips on how configure your site for better SSO integration: hide Login controls; redirect for secure content and redirect after Logout.
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Single Sign-On

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The Single Sign-On module installs in a DotNetNuke (DNN) portal.  It provides User account management and auto-login/single sign-on services from a remote website to the host DNN portal.
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