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A Chart for all Seasons

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A Chart for all Seasons
The new Accord LMS Chart module provides instant snapshots of your most popular data.  

So Little Time…

Most training managers have a lot to do and not a lot time. Reports are great for in depth analysis but sometimes the trending data can be hard to pull from so much information. The new Accord LMS Charts are a great way to distill and visually present specific cross sections of your data. Each chart display is generated in a schedule task so you get instant presentation even for charts that summarize a lot of data.  

So Easy to Do…

Once the Chart module has been added to a page on your site (requires portal admin permissions or help from Accord support) configuration only requires three quick and easy steps.

1 - Select your Data Source

The key to a useful chart is useful data. Select a Report Type and Definition that you like to run on a regular basis. 


2 – Select the Chart and Data Type

Charts can display your data in 5 different formats: Pie; Bar; Line; Multi Bar and Multi Line


3 – Map the Chart Data

Select which Report Columns should be mapped to your Chart Data Types. You can optionally provide custom X and Y axis labels.

In this example, the Team Report Column is parsed for both the team names, and then the count (quantity) of each team name.  The ‘Data’ is the team quantity count.  The Primary Grouping is each team name. The Completion status Report Column is the Secondary Grouping: Not Viewed: In Progress; Completed.



- Run the Report Definition from the Report UI first to make sure you have a good sample with meaningful data.
- When mapping the Report Columns to the Chart Data Types be sure match text to text data types and numeric to numeric data types
- Text Report Columns can be used for both Data and Primary Grouping Chart Assignments.  
- Primary Groupings are used for the Legend items.

Enterprise Support

Charts can display data for both internal and external Teams, even if hosted on additional portals. Also, the Chart display is generated for each possible LMS Admin Type, so Team Admin will only see data that is associated with their Team.


Charts are HTML5 compliant and dynamically resize for any device size. You can place any number of Chart modules on anywhere you want. Since the Chart displays are calculated in a scheduled task, they load immediately no matter how many there are on a page.
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