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Most Requested Features

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When it comes to eLearning, different companies want different things depending on what they want to accomplish.  Some need to track both SCORM and non-SCORM assets while others need to manage multiple privately branded portals.  Often what a company wants is much more than what it actually needs.   Regardless of the range of needs and wants, the two most common feature requests are reporting and tablet/mobile compatibility.  


Good reporting is at the top of most client’s list and for good reasons.  People need information on the training to track conformance, gap analysis and ROI.  The biggest complaint that we hear from clients is that their current system does not provide meaningful reports.  They tell us they cannot customize their reports, or if they can, they have to pay for the customization.  Some reports require SQL expertise, or an expensive license for a third party application or service.  They are quite frustrated and it is easy to see why.  They have already paid good money for an LMS and now they are getting nickeled and dimed.  

Getting reports should be as easy as it is to add learners and courses.  The Accord LMS reporting engine make reflects that philosophy.  The reports are organized into a dozen categories and within each category you can build an unlimited number of custom reports.  Whether you build one report or ten reports or literally hundreds of reports, there are no additional fees. The reports require no programming - you just build them by clicking on the information you want to see displayed in the report.  Yes it is that easy.   

There are additional features as well.  You can delegate access to each report to specific team administrators and schedule the report to be automatically delivered as an email attachment on a recurring schedule.  There are over half a dozen different report export options from PDF to PPT, the choice is yours.

Tablet and Mobile Support

Mobile support is the other big request.  More and more clients are requiring the ability for their LMS to work on tablet and mobile devices.  This is a big hurdle for some companies as the user interface of their LMS are built in Flash or have not been optimized for mobile devices.  The Accord LMS is tablet and mobile friendly right from the start.  The Learner interface resizes and reformats to present in any size from a large PC screen all the way down to 320 pixels.  If you have a group of learners that loves their iPads...perfect!  We are set up and ready to go.

PC and iPad Landscape - 980px

iPad Portrait - 760px

iPhone, Android - 320px

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