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Accord LMS Storefront

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Full Featured eCommerce

The Accord LMS now offers a full featured, integrated eCommerce solution. Products can include access to eLearning content, digital downloads and shippable products.

Customizable User Interface

XSL/ XML templates provide control over how your products are displayed and what happens during the entire shopping and checkout experience.

eLearning Products

An integral part of the Accord LMS is the ability to grant and manage roles to access to Learning Events and Folders. Our Storefront makes it easy to sell these roles as packaged products.

Each product can have any number of product variants. Each variant has a checkout Action that can grant one or more security roles.

Digital or Tangible Products

In addition to eLearning, you can sell digital downloads and tangible/shippable products as well. For example, you might wish to offer a manual as a product and make it available either as a digital download or as a shippable hard copy.

Our Manual product will be created with two variants. One variant will be a hard copy manual to be shipped that is subject to different shipping and handling rules. The other variant will allow a customer to access and download a digital copy of the manual immediately upon check out.

For hard copy products, specify the shipping rules and costs:

For digital downloads, specify the location of the downloadable content:

Robust and Flexible

The Storefront will handle over 60,000 products. It can be localized in the same languages as the Accord LMS. XML and XSL templates give you almost complete control over every aspect of how your products presented and sold.

If your plans include starting your own on-line university or just selling a few learning events, then the Accord eCommerce package is a great solution. It is a surprisingly affordable way to profit from the investment you have made in creating your eLearning content.

For more information, see the Accord LMS - Storefront - Basic Setup guide, available from our documentation page. You can test drive the Storefront from the eCommerce tab at the Accord LMS Demo Site.
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