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Performance Improvements

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Numerous performance updates to the Accord LMS

have been released over the past few releases to deliver the performance required by clients handling larger learner and content loads. Improvements for some controls are 20% to 40% of the original rendering times.

Substantial load time improvements include:

  • Learning Event Catalog (on any page)
  • Active Profile drop down (on any page)
  • Manager and Report > Summary
  • Manager > Catalog when creating or updating Learning Events
  • Reports when outputting directly to CSV

New Accord Reports

- There are still some performance issues with the new Telerik based Reports when handling over 10 or 20 thousand attempt records. We have reported these issues to the Telerik team and are working together to insure their controls can handle our client requirements. These problems can be avoided by filtering your reports to a more manageable and useful size (< 10K).

All Column CSV

- For clients would would like to process large reports, the new Accord Reports module provides an Export Format to CSV option, selectable from the Report Filter section.  All Column CSV bypasses the Telerik reporting engine and can deliver 100K or more records without a problem.

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