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Target your Sessions

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Target your Sessions
Imagine you offer Instructor Led Training all around the country.  You organize a Session in New York and when the instructor arrives at the assigned location and time, half of the registered Learners are missing. When you check the Session Roster you realize that the missing Learners all belong to a Team located in DC.  

Team Filters for ILT Sessions

Introduced in Accord 4.5, you can now set Team Filters on ILT Sessions to help ensure that a Session is only visible to members of appropriate Teams. If a Learner is not a member of one of the selected Teams they will neither be able to see the Session nor Register for it.

Team Filter Setup

To set up a Session for specific Teams, follow these steps:
1. Open the Session Details UI and expand the Advanced Settings section.
2. Expand the Team Filter control and select the appropriate Teams. 

  • Team Filters for existing Sessions have All Members set by default.  This will maintain the current functionality.
  • The Session ILT or Course folder will continue to require standard Enrollment to Learning Roles to place the ILT in the Learner’s My Plan.

Simplify, Simplify…

Setting Session Team Filters allows you to target Session presentation to specific Teams. This greatly simplifies complex Team enrollments and prevents accidental Session registrations from inappropriate Team members.

If you have any other questions, or would like to see how the Accord LMS can deliver Simple, Smart and Affordable training to your organization please contact sales@accordlms.com to schedule a personal demonstration.
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