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Multiple Domain Option (MDO)

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Accord LMS subscription licenses now have the option to support Multiple Domain (parent) portals running on a single install of DotNetNuke (DNN). By default all licenses permit a single Domain. The MDO option allows this limit to be raised to 25 Domain portals for an additional 25% surcharge on the selected license cost. Additional blocks of 25 Domains can be added for additional 25% surcharges on the selected license.

Note: All licenses support unlimited Child portals for no additional charge.

Initial MDO Option
• 25 Domain Portals adds 25% surcharge of initial license cost

Annual MDO Maintenance
• 25 Domain Portals adds 25% surcharge of annual subscription/maintenance cost

License Example
TrainingHost Inc. wants to self-host a 1000 learners with a subscription license. They also want to run a mix of child portals and domain (parent) portals from the same DNN framework installation. They buy a single domain license for TrainingHost.com. All licenses support unlimited www.TrainingHost.com/xyz child portals. To support up to 25 distinct domain portals on the same license requires a surcharge of 25%.

Total Annual Cost
 $2000 - Self-Hosted 1000 Learner Subscription License
   $500 - 25% surcharge to support up to 25 Domain portals

For more information, please refer to the Accord LMS Price Sheet.

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