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Accord LMS - Reports

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Accord LMS Reports

are all being enhanced and ported to the Telerik Reporting Engine. Two new reports are currently available with the 2.4 release. The new reports are accessed through a standalone Report module that can be added to any page – now you can place reports wherever you want them.

Like the Learner module

, once Reports are added to a page you will need to configure which Manager module you want to attach to. If there is only one Manager module on your system, this will be automatically be set by default. Also like the Learner module, Host accounts have the ability to attach Reports to a Manager module residing on any portal in the codebase. This allows a master LMS Manager module to serve its catalog content to a Learner modules and utilization data to a Reports modules hosted on any number of privately branded client portals. This is ideal for distribution channel or franchise network training. You can also upload a logo of your choice to brand your reports.

The Summary and top level Reports

pages are very similar to the older Manager > Reports implementation. Albeit, there are only two new Reports with the  2.4 release.

When defining the reports

you will see the new filter UI. More options will be released soon, including the ability to pick and choose from over a dozen different field columns.

Once the report is generated

, the Filters section collapses and the Results section expands. Each grouping has a Total with a cumulative Grand Total at the bottom.

Many more new Reports

are scheduled for delivery over the next few months. Longer term enhancements include the ability to encapsulate Report filter options into “Definitions” for ease of recall and to schedule recurrent delivery of any Definition in a specified format to an email distribution list.

All these screen shots were taken from the Demo portal at http://demo.accordlms.com. Feel free to login and test drive the new Reports, or download the latest module set if you have your own DNN portal.
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