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Accord LMS 2.4 is Released!

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Accord LMS 2.4

is now available for download. Here are some highlights:

Learner & Role Management

The ability to create and manage users and roles in now integrated within the LMS. Bulk Learner Import and Role Assignment are also supported. Access to these features is controlled by Manager Profile filtering and permissions.

Native PDF Certificates

Manager > Catalog now offers a new Learning Event Source: PDF Template. Native PDF documents can be used for announcements and certificates. Layout, font styles, orientation and resolution are controlled by the PDF authoring tool. "Named Fields" in the PDF template are dynamically replaced with DNN and LMS tokens at run time. Includes support for over 100 tokens including full Learning Event status such as name, score, completion date, etc.

Report Module (beta)

Reports are being completely overhauled – 2 of the 15 reports are now ready for review. The new reports are in a standalone module that can be placed anywhere on your site. They utilize the Telerik reporting engine which produces stunning output that can be exported to half a dozen different formats. Excel and PDF options are only available on full trust servers.

Cross Portal Support

The existing Learner Module and the new Report Module can attach to any Manager module installed on ANY portal (parent or child) within the same DNN install (codebase). This allows any number of privately branded child/distributor/franchise portals to access to a centralized eLearning catalog.
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