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New Contributor - David Glow

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Interzoic is very proud to announce that David Glow has agreed to make regular contributions to the eLearning News Flash.

David has evaluated, implemented, and administered major LMS systems and deployed thousands of assets to tens of thousands of users across several languages and countries for higher education and private industry (often in extremely regulated environments). He has over a decade of experience from both the vendor and customer perspectives and provides high level LMS architecture consultation for several companies, including private lectures for a Fortune 100 organization’s Center of Excellence. He can also be found speaking at public conferences and webinars.

David first contacted Interzoic during the summer of 2010 when he was researching over 50 learning portal solutions for a client. What started as a one hour sales webinar for the Accord LMS ended up as a three hour question and answer session that explored the core architecture and the flexible and extensible nature of the Accord.

Our relationship grew over the months ahead. David forwarded a review of the Accord LMS that evolved from his original research work. We shared ideas and thoughts about LMS design and the road ahead for the Accord LMS. It soon became clear that the Accord demonstrated many of the design philosophies that David advocated.

I hope his contributions and insights prove to be as useful to you as they have for us.

Chris Wylie
CEO Interzoic Media


Interzoic has kindly given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and expertise with you. Through my contributions I will seek to provide insights so that you can make informed decisions regarding your LMS selection, implementation and configuration. I aim to expose many of the most salient LMS challenges - and how Accord LMS addresses them. By working with a flexible, extensible and forward looking product I hope you can avoid many of the common and costly pitfalls of the LMS world.

I look forward to our partnership and I am eager to engage with you. Please leave comments or follow up with me directly. You too can have a successful learning management system. If you are already researching the Accord LMS – you’re off to a great start!

David Glow
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