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Learner Module - Catalog Filtering

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Learner Module

for the Accord LMS allows you to filter the Learner’s view into the Course Catalog. From the Learner > Configuration tab, select which folder in the Course Catalog you want to filter on and the maximum depth of child folders you want to present (if left blank then all child folders will be presented).

Even though the Learner’s roles may entitle them to view many Course Folders, their view within a specific Learner module will be constrained within the "Parent Folder", if set.

This allows context appropriate learning content to be placed anywhere in your site.

For example, you may have section of your web site setup for your sales team. Put your sales training right where the traffic is already going.

Add a Learner module anywhere in your website dedicated to your Sales staff. Configure the Learner module to only show the Sales folder and all subfolders:

Now the My Plan will only show Sales related content:


The same could be done for your Marketing training as well. Simple add another Learner module to section of your website dedicated to your Marketing staff and configure it to show only Marketing content:




Rather than isolate your training to one part of your site, you can blend your training into your existing site layout. In addition to traditional eLearning content, Learner modules can also be used for document repositories and anonymous quizzes - without impacting your Learner count limits. You can do this by configuring an "Assigned User" to provide Anonymous Access.



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