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Accord LMS API

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Accord LMS Administration API

Provides access to all the LMS Administration module services. Programmatically query to Learning Catalog for global content or filtered for specific Learners.  Content details and attempt and report information are available as well.  Clients can now create their own applications based on information in the LMS Administration data store, such as a customized Learner module. The LMS Administration module will continue to directly track utilization of Learning Elements including Learner ID, attempts, dates, scores, etc.

Local Application Support

Custom application (client) and LMS Administration(server) modules are both running on the same server. The custom application calls the Administration API DLLs directly. All methods, structures and their descriptions are available via Visual Studio Intellisense.

Remote or Heterogeneous Deployment

REST transport protocol (web services) communicates between the custom application (client) and Manager (server) API.

For technical information please refer to the Accord LMS - Manager API documentation.

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