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Manager Profiles

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The Accord LMS – Advanced Setup – Manager Profiles guide discusses how to configure Manager Profiles to grant LMS Managers specific and limited access to Learners, Learning content and LMS Management features. Manager Profiles allow a single instance of the Accord LMS to support multiple clients or companies with any form of Learner training structure. Specifically, the topics covered in this guide include:

  • Manager Profiles - Roles: Manager Profiles utilize DotNetNuke Security Roles in two different ways:
    • Profile Roles - grant a specific Role (group) of Managers all of the access rights and permissions of a specific Manager Profile
    • Learner Role Access – defines which Learner Roles a specific Manager Profile has access to.
  • Basic Configuration: How to setup a Manger Profile that only has access to LMS Reports.
  • Insular Configuration: How to setup Manager Profiles so that LMS Managers in two different companies/clients can only access their own content and Learners.
  • Hierarchical Configuration: How to setup Manager Profiles so that LMS Managers in a large hierarchical corporation can only access content and Learners within their domain of responsibility.

For more information, please review the Accord LMS – Advanced Setup – Manager Profiles guide found in the Manager Documentation on the Accord LMS download page:


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