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Quickly Assemble your Ideal Training Program

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Quickly Assemble your Ideal Training Program

Discover what your A players need and want to learn, and you’ll identify the core training that will best fulfill your organization’s vision, mission and strategy. Easy access to appropriate off the shelf courseware can help you deploy the ideal training program quickly.

A Players

Who are the A players?  Sometimes known as HPE (High Potential Employees), these are the star performers who place a priority on professional development.  Their motivation may be for career growth to move up in the organization, to feed their egos, or just the personal satisfaction of doing better every day or quarter.  According to Forbes magazine, A players are early adopters of best practices and are key to your company’s success. A Players attract other A players and when working together they will provide key leadership and affect the productivity of your entire organization.  A players also promote evolution and transformation.  Transformation requires learning new skills and new talents.

B Players

The rest of the organization needs to continuously develop their talents as well.  As your business grows or turnover (planned or unplanned) is realized, the next line of leaders and middle managers will need to step up.  Fortunately, through their example and success, A players will raise the level of B players as well.

Identify your Ideal Training

A and B players tend to be your busiest employees and view training as optional, and therefore deferable. Don’t let them tell you they are too busy or if they are, do what you can to prioritize training in their schedule. Assure them that the training will increase their efficiency and workplace satisfaction (many studies have shown this to be true). Engage them in the process to identify training that is pertinent to the new and evolving skills needed to successfully compete in your industry. This will form the core of your Ideal Training program. What the leaders need to learn today, the followers need to learn tomorrow.

Quickly Assemble and Deploy

Once you have identified the desired training, finding the right courseware can be time consuming. Where to start? Imagine being able to browse a library of over 20,000 courses directly from your LMS, and being able to immediately enroll the courses to your Learners. This is exactly what Accord’s integration with OpenSesame provides. There is also a ‘Plus’ option that provides your Learners access to nearly 4,000 of OpenSesame’s most popular courses for one low per user/per month fee. Track what the A players are doing in your LMS and then make suggested Learning Paths for the slow adopters.

Enlist your A players to identify the core training needed for your company. Engage with an LMS to create a training program that can quickly realize your vision. Follow the Leaders.

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