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Integrated Authoring Tools

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Integrated Authoring Tools

Best of Class

eLearning Authoring Tools are used to create Learning Elements - the presentations and quizzes that fill out your folders and courses. Different authoring tools provide different features and strengths. Rather than rely on a built in course authoring tools with limited functionality, the Accord LMS integrates with any number of third party tools. The use of integrated LMS authoring tools has several advantages:

  • Select the Best of Class tool for the creating the content type most appropriate for your training needs
  • Publish your content to the Accord LMS or direct to web or DVD (depending on the course authoring tool)
  • Maintain ownership of your question bank and resources

In the example below, we use products from iSpring Solutions although Lectora or many other tools could be used.



  • An Authoring Tool such as iSpring Presenter or Suite. 
  • LMS Administrator access to your Accord LMS portal.
  • FTP Account Credentials to directly access your Accord LMS bulk SCO upload folder.  

Contact Accord LMS Support at: support@accordlms.com to request the FTP account credentials.

Create your Presentation or Quiz

Using the authoring tool of your choice, create a presentation or quiz.


Publish as SCORM Content

Include HTML 5 for mobile support and select Zip output and SCORM 2004 publishing options.


Upload via FTP

Use the FTP credentials provided by the Accord support team and your authoring tool will automatically upload the SCO zip package into the bulk upload SCO directory of your Accord LMS portal.


Create a new Learning Element

When you create a SCROM LE the new SCO zip package will be available in a drop down list.  Once it is unpacked, continue with the LE creation as you normally would. 


Seamless Integration

Integrating best of class authoring tools with the Accord LMS has never been easier. Seamlessly publish your content directly to the Accord with one easy step.

More detailed information can be found in our online LMS Admin Guide.

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