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New Learner Experience

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New Learner Experience

Improved UI

The upcoming Accord LMS 4.03 release will provide an improved Learner user interface that is even easier to navigate for both PC and mobile users. Enhancements include: theme enhancements with more layout options; an updated home page with more information and easy access to Learning content; a more intuitive and informative Course and Learning Element presentation.

Theme Enhancements

  • Full and Column Layout – Themes can be either Full width or Column layout
  • Background Color and Patterns – select any color for your Page and Background.  Select any pattern or image for your background.
  • New Pane Options – arrange your home page, or your internal pages with a wide variety of pane layouts.  All panes will dynamically stack for iPad or mobile screens.
Theme Settings


 Home Page Layout

  • Modular Layout – Learners can quickly locate the features they want to access. Flat colors with mouse over are easy on the eyes and intuitive.
  • What’s Happening – Show what training is coming up.  The latest News Announcements.  There will soon will be an additional module to show the newest Courses available. 
  • Layout Options – Arrange your homepage to focus on the information most important to your learners. The Alternative example shows fewer features with a focus on News Articles and rotated their images in the banner - just one of the many possibilities.

Home Page

Alternative Example


 Course and Learning Element Layout

  • Custom Folder Images – Each learning folder may have its own custom icon.  Icons can be used to identify heirarchical training programs with unique icons for curricula, courses, etc.  You could also use icons to represent types of courses or subject matter.  
  • Folder Header Information – The new UI displays the folder description and a progress bar in the folder header – clearly indicating to the Learner where they are and their training status as they work through the elements.
  • Improved Breadcrumbs – Convenient and low impact Breadcrumbs display where the Learner is in their training hierarchy and provide easy navigation back to the parent folders.

Learner's My Plan


 More to Come

We will continue to add functionality and improvements to the Learner experience in the coming months. Features include Start Dates, Due Dates, Course tags and more, so stay tuned for future release announcements.
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