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Accord LMS Earns Industry Acclaim in 2016

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Accord LMS Earns Industry Acclaim in 2016
2016 has been a great year for the Accord LMS. As our sales have grown, so has our team and we've been able to deliver a more robust and flexible learning solution. Our hard work has resulted in dozens of 5 star reviews and a number of industry awards.  Here are a few that we’d like to share with you.

GetApp - Top 10 Overall

Accord continues to be highly ranked in the Top 25 LMS Solutions on the Market report from GetApp.  Even better, we are rated among the top 10. 

"Accord LMS has done a great job of staying in the top 10 of GetApp's Category Leader ranking of the best LMS solutions. We were impressed with its security score, contributing 18 out of a potential 20 points. Also notable was 17 out of 20 points for positive user reviews and an average rating of 4.53/5. Accord LMS has proven itself as one of the leaders in GetApp's ranking."
-Suzie Blaszkiewicz, Researcher at GetApp


Software Advice - Top 4 Extended Enterprise

Software Advice chose to highlight the Accord LMS in their review of 4 Top-Rated Extended Enterprise LMS Platforms for SMBs. This was especially gratifying for our team. Accord was built from the ground up to to provide the advanced features needed for our larger extended enterprise clients. For example, our system makes it easy for our clients to deliver centrally managed learning content to any number of customized learning portals for each of their learner types, such as Customers; Employees; Sales Partners; or Franchisees. Many of our smaller clients may not be aware of this power and performance. We’re thrilled that Software Advice took the time to recognize our efforts.
Software Advice User Ratings
"Accord LMS is one of the most highly-rated learning management systems by users on Software Advice. That, combined with the system’s flexibility as a cloud-based or on-premise solution its support of a wide variety of e-learning formats and teaching methodologies, made Accord LMS an obvious inclusion on our list of great extended enterprise LMSs. Small or mid-sized businesses with 100 employees or more should consider Accord LMS as an option if training external parties is a priority."
-Brian Westfall, Market Researcher at Software Advice


Capterra - #2 Most Affordable

Accord has always placed a focus on functionality and affordability. We are known as the price / performance leader for a reason.  You can imagine our satisfaction when we earned the #2 spot out of nearly 500 competing LMS solutions in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable LMS Software report.
"Although Accord LMS was not the least expensive solution, we were impressed that it offered all 13 features in the pricing scenario. We were also impressed by their customer reviews. According to our data, Accord LMS had the highest review rating for vendors with over 50 reviews. "
-Kaitie Connolly, Researcher at Capterra
We’d like to thank all the researchers who’ve taken the time to evaluate the Accord.  An easy and engaging Learner experience with individualized learning plans, time-saving automation tools for administrators and free implementation management make the Accord LMS a simple, smart and affordable solution for a successful training program. Additional information on our awards is listed along with Customers and Case Studies.

Chris Wylie, our CEO, stated "The Accord team truly appreciates the recognition from both satisfied clients and industry experts. It confirms that our hard work and dedication to our client's success is making an impact. While I am quite proud that our product can compete head to head with other LMS that cost several times as much, our most important asset is the personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients. Your success is our success."
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