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Live Online Training In The Accord LMS

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Live Online Training In The Accord LMS

Virtual Training and the Accord LMS

Advancements in online training technologies have greatly expanded the options available for training directors. Online SCORM courses, sharable documents, video training, social learning forums and more have reduced the cost of traditional training. Managing these technologies with a sophisticated Learning Management System will provide learners with engaging blended learning opportunities. Despite these remarkable technical innovations, Instructor Led Training in real time fills an important need. Live training may be presented online using a virtual meet space or classroom.

The Accord Learning Management System supports a wide range of virtual training technologies. In particular, Accord offers tight integration with LogMeIn’s popular GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining online meetings. This article highlights some of the new integration features which will benefit those organizations who provide online training for staff, partners or customers. If you are not familiar with the Accord LMS Instructor Led Training features, we suggest you review the appropriate documentation and training videos at Accord LMS Support.


In this article, we will explore the following Features:

  • Creating a Virtual Training Location
  • Creating Virtual Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions
  • Automatic webinar creation
  • Creating a session from an existing webinar
  • Automatic webinar enrollment
  • Launching virtual training sessions



The current release of the Accord LMS offers a few improvements to our existing GoTo integration. In order to take advantage of these features, you will need to have an existing  account with either GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining.. You must also register your accounts at the LogMeIn Inc. developer portal and create an App for your LMS. This process simply requires that to provide your LMS’s web address (URL).


Creating a Virtual Training Location

LMS administrators can create reusable locations based on their GoToMeeting integration. Each location represents a single GoToWebinar account. Multiple locations can be created to support all GoToWebinar accounts. The following steps create a virtual meeting location. This location can be specified like any other classroom or meeting location when creating sessions for Instructor Led Training.


1.       Log in to the LogMeIn Inc. Developer Portal

2.       Navigate to LMS Admin > Configuration > ILT Resources > Add New Location

3.       Select the appropriate Virtual Location Type

4.       Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the App in the Developer Center

5.       Paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into your ILT Location in the Accord LMS

6.       Click Link With Your GoToWebinar Account.

7.       Wait for the confirmation that your application is connected.

8.       Click the Update Button to save your ILT Location in the Accord LMS.


GoToWebinar Developer Center

Image 1 - Copy keys from the GoToWebinar Developer Center


ILT Location Configuration

Image 2 - Accord LMS ILT Location Configuration


Creating Virtual Instructor Led Training (ILT) Sessions

Virtual training sessions are created using the same process as other ILT sessions within the Accord LMS. Creating a virtual online session is a matter of selecting a Virtual Training Location from the list of available locations. Simply selecting a location that has been previously linked to your GoToWebinar account provides access to the Virtual Training features.


Accord LMS Session Details

Image 3 - Accord LMS Session Details


Automatic Webinar Creation

Creating a virtual session provides the option to automatically create a matching Webinar session within GoToWebinar. The administrator does not need to log into the LogMeIn system to create their session. Check the box directly beneath the location setting (see Image 3 above) to automatically create your webinar. 


Creating a Session from an Existing Webinar

It is easiest to create a session within the Accord LMS and let the LMS automatically create the webinar. If a webinar already exists on GoToWebinar, an LMS admin can create a session to match the webinar. In this case, make sure the Create Session checkbox is unchecked. This will enable the Registration URL Key field. Edit the Webinar on the GoToWebinar site and copy the Registration URL Key from the Registration URL. This is the string of numbers appearing at the very end of the registration URL. Paste the URL key into the session and update. The session is now linked to the previously created webinar.

GoToWebinar Registration URL

Image 4 - GoToWebinar Registration URL


Accord LMS Session Details

Image 5 - Accord LMS Session Details - Registration Key


Automatic Webinar Enrollment

Learners registered in a virtual training session in the LMS are automatically enrolled in GoToWebinar. If the Learner chooses to un-register, they will be removed from the userlist on GoToWebinar.

 GoToWebinar - Registered Users

Image 6 - GoToWebinar - Registered Users



Launching Virtual Training Sessions

In order to access the virtual training session, the learner simply needs to launch the session from their My Courses page within the Accord LMS. The session will launch ten minutes before scheduled start time.


In Summary

We believe that these new updates make it easier than ever to create and deliver live online training sessions using GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining. Administrators can create any number of reusable virtual locations connected with their organization’s LogMeIn accounts. These virtual locations are used to create virtual sessions directly from the Accord LMS without needing to access an external site.

The learner experience is made simple and direct with the integration of online conference software with the Accord LMS. Learners can register and un-register for virtual training sessions directly from their My Courses page. Users will automatically be added or removed from the appropriate GoTo session. Learners will be reminded of their upcoming session time and can launch the class directly from their My Courses page.


If you are an existing Accord LMS client, you can contact Accord Support to receive this update at your convenience. If you are looking for an LMS that simplifies Live Online Training Software, please contact our sales department for a full demonstration. If the Accord LMS seems like a good fit for your particular organization, we will be happy to deploy a fully functional evaluation portal for your personal review.

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