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Accord Plus: Is it for you?

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Accord Plus: Is it for you?

The Accord LMS is an ideal Learning Management Solution for organizations of any size.  Our efficient learning automation technology in conjunction with the system’s extraordinary flexibility makes it the ideal solution for large extended enterprise applications.  Smaller organizations benefit from the affordable pricing and responsive personalized support.

For the first time Accord has partnered with industry leading content provider Open Sesame to release a product package designed specifically to support organizations with 200 to 2000 learners. The Accord Plus learning management system is a complete solution providing everything necessary to take your learning program to the next level.


The Accord Plus bundle comes complete with:

  • A 12-month license for up to 2000 learners
  • 25 online courses provided through Open Sesame
  • Ad Hoc access to future courses if needed*
  • Standard implementation
  • Live Training
  • Open access to the Accord Academy video training portal

*additional license fees will apply


Accord LMS, 12-month license

Accord Plus does not come with a stripped down starter version of the Accord LMS.  Clients receive the full current version of the powerful Accord Learning Management System with the DNN content management system, moderated discussion forums, advanced learning automation and  the full complement of standard enterprise features. This eLearning management system is designed to meet both current and future needs.


25 online courses provided through Open Sesame

Open Sesame boasts a content library containing more than 20,000 available courses from more than 100 of the best eLearning publishers in the business.   Accord LMS has been integrated with the Open Sesame library for many years.   In 2018 Accord started working with Open Sesame, exploring the idea to offer an affordable bundled solution for small and mid-sized organizations which need to supplement their in-house training with courses designed by subject matter experts such as; Leadership, Soft Skills, IT, Compliance, Safety and more.  The result of our mutual efforts is the Accord Plus LMS package.


Here’s how it comes together:

The Accord Plus LMS package offers a library of 25 courses hand-selected by Open Sesame experts from their most popular offerings. We are confident this curated library will be a great fit for many clients.  Should you decide to exchange one course for another, just let us know prior to purchase.  We’ll give you access to thousands of courses within the Open Sesame Plus library.  Simply  choose the best 25 courses for your  particular needs.   These courses can be assigned freely to any active learner within the accord LMS.

Accord Plus clients have the opportunity to change their course selection prior to each annual renewal.  If your training needs change, Accord Plus will help facilitate these changes.


The Accord Plus Standard Library



Ad Hoc Access to Future Courses

Accord Plus won’t limit you to your 25 initial courses.   You will have access to the entire 20,000 course Open Sesame library.   Should you need an additional course or have an employee looking for specific training, just search the Open Sesame course library and select any courses which meet your needs.   It is like having an eCommerce Learning Store built right into your LMS.   If you just need to buy a few courses, you can order them directly through the Accord LMS catalog.  Should you need many additional courses, please contact Accord Sales to inquire about potential volume discounts.

Shopping for courses from within the Accord Catalog

Standard Implementation

Accord is renowned for our personalized support and implementation process.  We are here to help you get your Learning Management initiative on track from the start.  The Accord LMS standard implementation includes system configuration, branding, and consultation with your personal Implementation Manager and Solutions Engineer. The Accord Plus LMS package offers this $2,000 service at no additional charge.


Training and support

As part of our standard implementation process, you will receive up to three hours of live one-on-one training with a Solutions Engineer familiar with your specific objectives and challenges.  In addition to live training, you will be granted access to the Accord Academy.  The Accord Academy has more than 30 succinct videos, which will teach you how to get the most from your Accord LMS.   You also have access to our efficient support portal which offers extensive product documentation, in easy to read, step-by-step formats.  Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket from your Personal Support Dashboard.  Our support team is available from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern.


The Fine Print

Accord Plus is being offered at a remarkable price for a full featured enterprise LMS with Quality Courses.  Some conditions will apply.

  1. Learner count must be between 200 and 2000 learners.  Larger learner counts can contact Accord LMS for a content bundle which will be tailored for their specific needs.
  2. Accord Plus requires a 12-month license paid prior to start date.
  3. Accord Plus provides a 12-month Active Learner Window.
  4. Accord’s flex pricing and monthly pricing are not available with Accord Plus.
  5. Accord’s eCommerce functionality is not available with Accord Plus.
  6. Accord Plus is not available to current Open Sesame customers.
  7. Optional features, e.g. Single Sign-On or Salesforce Integration, will require an additional fee.


Current Accord LMS Customers

Current Accord LMS customers who meet the above criteria may be able to upgrade to the Accord Plus LMS package. Please contact your Accord Sales Team for details.


In Conclusion

The Accord Plus LMS package contains a full-featured Learning Management System, a robust Content Management System and a curated library of courses for one low price which includes all necessary installation, training and support. If  you are looking for a cost effective, yet powerful Learning Management Solution for small to mid-sized organizations, be sure to investigate the Accord Plus LMS + Content Bundle.  Contact Accord Sales for Pricing, additional details, or a free evaluation.

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