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Understanding Learner Attempt Tracking

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Understanding Learner Attempt Tracking

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020 at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern

Join Matt Myers, Solutions Architect, in a focused 30 minute LMS training deadline management webinar that will explore:

  • Understanding how Accord tracks and stores learner activity
  • Reporting on different types of learner attempts
  • Setting the Learner Plan to show appropriate attempts
  • Differentiating between Folder attempts and LE attempts

In this demo, Matt will cover how the Accord LMS tracks learner activity in the form of an "Attempt". He will cover various learner attempt tracking types, such as Folder, LE, Completed, Best, etc. and show you how to focus your Accord site to the types of attempt data that are most important for your specific needs. This is an advanced Accord LMS topic and targeted towards LMS Admins who are comfortable with the primary Catalog, Teams, Roles and Reporting features, but everyone is welcome to attend.



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