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Virtual Instructor Led Training

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Virtual Instructor Led Training

The upcoming Accord LMS version 4.02 supports Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) Sessions.  VILT Online LMS Platform Sessions are similar to Instructor Led Training (ILT) Sessions except that the Locations for VILT Sessions are virtually hosted via a webinar instead of a physical classroom. 

Admin > Configuration > Resources > Location

You create a Virtual Location the same as an ILT Location with the addition of selecting the ‘Virtual’ checkbox.


Admin > Catalog > New Learning Element

A single ILT Learning Element can include either ILT Sessions, VILT Sessions or a mix of both. 

  • First you create an ILT Learning Element.  We will call it ‘Instructor Led Training’.
  • Then create the new VILT Sessions. 



Create New (VILT) Sessions

When you create a new Session, if you want it to be a VILT Session, then select a virtual Location.  In our example we will select the virtual WebEx Location.  Once a virtual location is selected from the Location drop down, the UI will refresh and three new input fields are presented that are specific to VILT Sessions:

  • Webinar ULR – link to open the VILT Webinar. This is a required field.  Paste in the URL to a specific Webinar that you have already created and scheduled in a third party Webinar service of your choice such as: WebEx; GoToMeeting; Adobe Connect; etc.
  • Utilization Tracking – select which kind of automatic tracking you would like, if any
  • “Attended” on Open – select if you would like to automatically mark the Learner attended

Your ILT with VILT Sessions setup is now complete.


Learner > My Plan

The Learner’s UI for the VILT Session review and registration is the same as ILT except that once a VILT Session is Registered, the UI will be updated to show a ‘Launch’ button in addition to the ‘Unregister’ button. The .vcf file can include a link to the webinar.  The .vcf file is attached to the Session Registration Notification or opened from the Add to Calendar link below. 

The Launch button will open the VILT Webinar in a modal or popup window once it is about to start. If the Learner tries to Launch the webinar too early, they will get a notification instead of the webinar. This will insure that the Learner does not accidentally Launch before the webinar, which would trigger automatic tracking if enabled.


Catalog > ILT > Session > Session Roster

In addition to any of the automatic tracking selected from the VILT Session Details, the Instructor will have full use of the standard Session Roster to manage their Learners.


Admin > Configuration > Virtual ILT

The allowable Webinar Preview period is an Admin Configuration.

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