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Instructor Led Training

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Instructor Led Training
The upcoming Accord 4.0 release, due in early June, will include support for Instructor Led Training (ILT). The Accord can now integrate, track and report on classroom, online and virtual training along with any kind of document, file, image or video utilization – both local and remote.

Learner Experience


My Plan

Learners may access their ILT in the same way as they do any Learning Element, by drilling down into their My Plan. ILT Learning Elements will have a Sessions button, instead of a Launch button.  Clicking on the Sessions button will then present all of the available Sessions with buttons for Registering.

Clicking on a Session Status icon or the Session name will open up a details panel.  Once a Session is selected and Registered, a ‘Registered’ text will appear with a new button to Unregister.  The status icon will change from a ‘+’ to a gray circle with a blue dot. You can easily add the Session to your calendar by clicking on the ‘Add to Calendar’ link or open a map with driving instructions by clicking on the Location link.



The Learner also has a new Sessions tab view which shows only upcoming ILT with Sessions in chronological order.  The Session view can be shown side by side with the My Plan tab or at any other location in the site.  By default we configure a Sessions view on the home page.



Once the Session is created, right click to open the Roster for that Session.

The Session Roster provides all the tools an Instructor needs to administer their class. Status and Scores can be set.  Learner Registration can be added or dropped. The report columns can be filtered, sorted and grouped. The Roster report can be exported or printed. 




Configuration > Resources

A new UI has been created to manage Location and Instructor Resources.  Both of the resources are utilized when creating ILT Sessions.



ILT are created like any other Learning Element.  Once you have chosen which Folder to place the ILT, right click on the Folder and select New Learning Element.

In the LE Details, select your Event Source to be Instructor Lead Training.  You can then select whether Learners can register in Single or Multiple Sessions for this ILT.  

Once the ILT Learning Element is created, right click to open new LE Session management UI.

Now you Add a New Session and fill out the Session details, including Recurrence if desired.  Repeat as needed to create all the Sessions needed for your ILT.



ILT can be assigned to a Learner or Role from the Enrollment UI the same as any Folder or LE.  You also have the option of only enrolling specific Sessions to specific Roles or Learners.  This might be desired when you have some sessions intended for specific shifts or groups of people. Once assigned, the Learner can view the ILT and associated Sessions from their My Plan or Sessions view. ILT can also be placed in the Learner Catalog for optional self assignment.  

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