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DNN Rated as Leading CMS

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DNN is a free, open source portal framework that provides an enterprise class Web Content Management System (CMS) with features such as work flow, version control, security, scheduling, event logs, site and content management, etc. Hundreds of extensions, such as forums and social networking are available.  The Accord LMS is such an extension, and is tightly integrated into DNN. 


Info-Tech recently conducted a market evaluation of the leading web content management systems. DNN was ranked both the product leader and the greatest value. The evaluation, described below, provides a useful guide to explain the value of a WCM and an interactive spreadsheet to estimate which WCM is the best suited for your organization.  

Note: Info-Tech refer to CMS as a WCM (Web Content Management) system. When a CMS is web based, the term can be interchanged with WCM. 


Product / Vendor Matrix


The Challenge

  • Organizations need to effectively create and support web content. Organizations with multiple related websites need a web WCM solution that enables effective brand management.
  • CIOs and IT departments are looking to put content development and management into the hands of marketing and need a WCM solution that integrates with marketing and enterprise tools.
  • Organizations are seeking to incorporate and mange user generated content on their websites.

The Advice


Critical Insight

  • The quality of content tools is high: focus on differentiating features, such as social tools and the presence of marketing analytics. Select your solution on the availability of advanced features that are most beneficial to your organization.
  • This is no longer IT’s problem; WCM has moved out of IT’s domain and into marketing’s ownership. IT’s role now is implementation and technical support.
  • Open source is a high quality option; open source solutions now have release schedules and a robust community that provides excellent support for novice users.

Impact and Result

  • Understand what’s new in the WCM market.
  • Evaluate WCM vendors and products for your enterprise needs.
  • Determine which products are most appropriate for your particular use case and scenario.

Value Ranking


Action Items


Evaluate the Leading Solutions

Understand the market and available options.
Web content management is continuously evolving. Where it once was about deploying websites, it is now about social marketing. Use the WCM Vendor Landscape Storyboard to:
  • Gain an overview of available WCM solutions and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine your use case for WCM deployment and evaluate vendors based on the advanced features that are most beneficial to your needs.
  • Select the correct vendor based on scenario analysis.

Ensure you make the correct WCM decision for your enterprise needs; use the basic and advanced features lists as a baseline to determine initial and future requirements.

WCM Vendor Landscape Storyboard


What WCM Best Meets your Needs

Dynamically evaluate the different products.
The WCM Vendor Evaluation Tool allows enterprises to profile their requirements and evaluate the different vendors and their products. This tool includes:
  • Variable prioritization for product suitability, based on features, usability, affordability, and architecture.
  • Variable prioritization for vendor suitability based on viability, strategy, reach, and channel.
  • An automatically generated custom Vendor Landscape diagram based on your organization’s requirements.

Understand which solutions best satisfy your organization’s requirements.

WCM Vendor Evaluation Tool
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