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Social Networking, Gamification and the LMS

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"Build It and They will Come"

This was a famous line in the hit movie Field of Dreams.  This is a common belief in the training world as well but unfortunately I think "They’re Dreaming".  Empirical data show that most people do not flock to training without motivation.

"Field of Frustration" is a fitting line from many Chief Learning Officers’ perspective.  They know the material they provide can make a tremendous difference in organizational success, but it is underutilized.  The chasm between learners and their training content also affects the ROI of the training program, which is the main metric of the CLO’s job performance.


$1000 per Minute

10 minutes of SCORM compliant content costs, on average, around $10,000 to create.  Consider the amount of eLearning content necessary in an organization and you’ll quickly understand why training budgets can get hacked in a tight economy, especially when low utilization cannot justify the expense. What is missing?


Good News!

eLearning gamification technology is available that not only bridges the gap, it also closes the gap.  Virtually everyone in the modern world already uses it – it’s called social networking and gamification. Social networking supports a space for peer communication, collaboration and informal learning. One of the benefits of gamification includes recognition for personal achievement and community contributions.


The Best Part is that it Works

Consider that DISH Network invested a large amount in custom content to train its extended enterprise.  For 3 years it was hardly used at all.  Sound familiar?  After they added a social networking and gamification component usage increased over 250%. They successfully deployed eLearning to their extended enterprise, are providing the training necessary to insure their continued success, and the CLO has the ROI to prove it and to increase his budget.

  • Kaplan’s gamification system shows 155% more Student engagement.
  • Gartner study found "more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes" by 2015.


Accord LMS

Accord's learning management system provides integrated Community Features such as Friends, Groups, Journals and Profiles and it also has powerful Gamification Tools that rank and award badges to Learners according to their scores and community contributions.  Let your imagination go wild with the possible ways to engage, motivate and reward people.  Extensive analytics can also provide valuable gap analysis.

Harness the power of social networking and gamification and increase the ROI of your training program. Contact the LMS Gamification experts at info@accordLMS.com

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