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How to Setup Accord Social Gamification

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The 3.04 release of the Accord LMS enables the social gamification of your learning content by integrating Learning Element Education Activities with Gaming Activity Scoring and Badges.  Evoq Social, a commercial product from DNN Software, provides the Gaming Mechanics along with exceptional online community features.

Accord Education Activities

LMS Admin > Configuration > Education Activities
Education Activities can be awarded upon the completion or passing of any Learning Element.  

If the Accord learning management system is running with Evoq Social there is an additional input option in the Activity Details UI, Gaming Activity Scores: “Select if this EU Category will create a Gaming Activity (of the same name) and award Scores.  Single will award the associated Activity Score one time.  Multiple will award the associated Activity Score multiple times – once for each of the Education Activity points awarded by the specific LE.”



Evoq Social Gaming Mechanics

Evoq Admin > Gaming Mechanics > Scoring
Any Accord LMS Education Activity that has Single or Multiple selected for the Gaming Activity Score will create a Gaming Activity with the same name. By default the Experience and Reputation Points are set to 1 each.  If your Gaming Activity Scores are set to Multiple (recommended), then you will want to keep the default Point settings.

Evoq Admin > Gaming Mechanics > Badges
LMS Badges can be created and awarded for any set of EU Category Activity points, just like any other Activity points.






Accord Learning Element Details

LMS Admin > Catalog
Select any Learning Element that you would like to award Education Activities. 

LMS Admin > Catalog > LE Details > Education Activities
Whatever value you assign to an Education Activity for a Learning Element (LE), a corresponding amount of Gaming Activity points will be assigned upon Complete, Pass, Either or Both for that LE.







Accord Learner Experience

My Courses
Any LE that awards Education Units will present this information in the LE Details expansion.

Learner > My Profile
Each Learner’s Profile will show how many Points they have earned, through the Accord or other Evoq Social Activities, and list all of the Badges they have been awarded. Leader Boards and other Evoq Social modules will be updated as well. Gaming Activity Points and Badges cannot be assigned retroactively.  They can only be awarded at the time of LE completion.










Accord LMS in conjunction with Evoq Social provide a superior set of Social and Gamification features that will help you cultivate and reward your Learner community.






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