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New ‘Expansion’ Learner UI

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You can’t get too much of a good thing.  The already simple and intuitive Accord LMS Learner User Interface is updated and improved even more.  Starting with the 3.3 release, the Accord ships with a new Expansion Learner UI template. 

Easier Navigation with More Information

The Expansion template includes a Status indicator, Status Details, the Folder or LE Name, Folder or LE Details and a clear call to action to either Open a Folder or Launch an LE.

Folder or Course List:

Learning Element List:

Status Icons 

The Status Icons clearly show both Folder and Learning Element progress.

Click on the Status Icon for more details:

Click on the Folder or Learning Element Icon or name for more details. Details can include formatted text, images and videos:

The Folder Status Icons are dynamically created and show the actual percentage of Course completion. The LE Status Icons can be selected from a number of static pre-loaded options. Customized Icons can be used as well.

Mobile Ready

The new Expansion layout is responsive and presents great on both PC and Mobile.  Navigating the Learning Catalog is now quicker, easier and more informative than ever with Accord LMS’s new Expansion template.  

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