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Superior Customer Service

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Most everyone hates contacting tech support with a passion.  Personally, I will only do so after an hour or two of trying to resolve the issue myself.  This might include Internet research, social networking and maybe a hammer!  But let's face it, sometimes you simply have to buck up and call the "experts".

Business as Usual

Calling tech support is rarely a pleasant experience: automated menus, waiting, explaining your problem, giving your account number, re-giving your account number, then someone who goes by "Jay" or "Ellen" walks you through a lengthy logic tree on their support computer.  First they make sure your computer plugged in, if it is then restart, etc.  Email support is even worse.  No matter how many times you repeat yourself the technician replies with an answer that does not pertain to your question and provides fixes that don't work.  Charlie Brown said it best, "ARGH!"

You Can Count on the Accord Team

You may have heard of PokerStars.  PokerStars is the largest online poker card room in the world with nearly 50 million registered players.  They also are Accord LMS customer who recently contacted the Accord tech support on a Friday at the end of day. John Ashlon, the Director of Online Training at PokerStars, needed attention and fast especially when you consider that week-ends are big money-makers for online poker.  The issue was escalated and Accord LMS support quickly sorted out the problem.

Satisfied Clients

Ashlon happily replied back that he “Never had such great support from any other LMS vendor."  Another client, Viewpoint, recently wrote in "Just a quick note to say thanks to your support team. They were incredibly helpful and patient.  Being in the SaaS/App development/support and hosting business ourselves I know good service when I see it.  I've always been impressed with the support you guys provide and it serves as a good benchmark for me to measure our own internal group to.  Privileged to call you guys partners."

Industry Standards

A survey taken by industry analysts Bersin by Deloitte found that 25% of Learning Management System customers rated the customer service from their vendor as poor enough to replace their existing solution!  Interestingly, the bigger the installation the higher the level of discontent. Accord LMS customer satisfaction rate is over 95%.  We consider your clients  our clients and that your success is our success.  Accord LMS has a zero tolerance policy for bugs. Whatever the problem is, we'll take care of it.

Bigger is Not Better

When it comes to Learning Management Systems, more and more companies are realizing that bigger is not better. If they want quality support and the personal attention that they deserve, they will have to look further than the big box vendors.  PokerStars and Viewpoint have hit the jackpot.  Contact info@accordlms.com and find out why the Accord LMS is your safe bet for eLearning.
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