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Active Learners

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Any number of users can be imported or registered in Accord LMS, however those users are not counted against the Accord LMS Learner utilization limit unless they become Active Learners.  Active Learners are Learners who have utilized tracked Learning Elements in the Accord LMS within 12 months of the current license start date..


Tracked Learning Element

Learning Elements (LE) are ‘tracked’ when their utilization is recorded in the Accord LMS.  All SCORM content is tracked.  Non-SCORM elements have the option to be tracked or not.  If Utilization Tracking is set to ‘None’ or ‘None – Resource’ then the LE will not be tracked when utilized.ActiveLearner.LE.Sou...


Attempt Records

Every time a Learner utilizes a tracked Learning Element, an Attempt record is created in the database.  LE that are not tracked, have no Attempt record created.  Note: LE that are launched by LMS Admin from the LMS Admin > Catalog are not tracked, even if they have tracking enabled.


Active Learner Window

The Active Window is the period of time within which Learner utilization of Tracked Content is measured.  By default the Active Window is set to the last 12 months starting on the Active Learner Start Date (usually the first day of the billing cycle).  At the beginning of each cycle, the Active Learner count is set to 0.  During the cycle, each unique Learner that utilizes tracked Learning Content is considered Active and counted towards the License Learner count limit.  Learners who have not utilized Learning Elements, tracked or not, within the 12 months will not be counted as ‘Active’ Learners and therefore will not count against the total Accord LMS utilization limit. Although an 'Inactive' Learner will not be counted towards your license learner count limit, they can continue to access the LMS portal, utilize resource materials (anything that is not tracked) and review upcoming assignments or their transcript. Likewise, LMS Administrators will be able to run full reports on all Learners regardless of their active or inactive status.

Clients who have a high pass through rate of Learners with a short period of content utilization can pay a surcharge for a shorter Active Learner Window to reduce their overall Active Learner license or service fees. For example, if a client offers a 2 to 3 month course to 2000 Learners/annually that are broadly distributed over the year they could pay a 25% surcharge for a 3-Month Active Window on a lower cost 1000 Active Learner utilization limit. A 1-Month Active Window option is available for a 50% surcharge for those customers whose Learners pass through the LMS even more quickly.

License Key and Details

If you would like to see the current status of your Active Learner Window, and Learner Counts you can view the License Key and Details from LMS Admin > Configuration.ActiveLeaner.License...


  • Total Learners show the total number of Learner with Attempt records.
  • Active Learners shows the number of Learners with Attempt records within the Active Learner Window. 

Active Learners are the only Learners that count towards your Accord LMS Learner utilization limit.


Utilization Limit Notifications

You can configure the Accord LMS to send Active Learner Threshold email notifications to any number of Administrators.  Please see the Notification Options blog article for more information.



Reducing  your Active Learners

You can reduce the number of Active Learners by reducing the number of Learners with Attempt records within the Active Window.  For example, you could delete all of the Attempt records that are over 8 months old.  This would reduce the number of Active Learners to only those that had utilized tracked LE within the past 8 months.  Another option would be to delete all the Learners from Specific Teams or Learning Roles.  Attempt records can be deleted from the LMS Admin > Enrollment UI.

Attempt records that are logically deleted will not be included in your reports; however they will be included in your Active Learner count.  To reduce your Active Learner count, you will need to physically delete specific Learner Attempt records.  Be very careful.  Once Attempt records are physically deleted they cannot be recovered.  Physically deleted Attempt records will not be included in any reports either.

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