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20,000+ Courses. Available Instantly.

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20,000+ Courses. Available Instantly.

Your company wins a big remediation contract and you need to onboard 30 new staff and get them up to speed on Hazardous Waste Disposal, Microsoft Outlook and Excel, and Workplace Discrimination. Pronto.

Who you gonna call?

Although you do have some manuals and older online training courses that have sufficed when hiring one or two employees, this time you really need to up the ante and make sure the training is professional, comprehensive and online in short order. Where do you turn?

We’ve got you covered.

The Accord LMS in partnership with OpenSesame can deliver what you need, when you need it. The OpenSesame library of over 20,000 courses is now integrated into the Accord LMS. From the LMS Admin UI, you can pick the OpenSesame courseware you want, select the number of seats and the new Courses will be automatically added onto your existing Accord catalog. You can then immediately enroll the courseware to your Learners, just as you would any other content. The utilization tracking and reports are the same. In fact, you can freely mix and match the OpenSesame courses with any other content in your Catalog, including Instructor Led Training.


It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The following example demonstrates how to select bundles to download from OpenSesame Plus. The content is grouped into convenient bundles that allow you to pick and choose specific types of content without having to download the entire catalog of Courses at once.

1 – Select a Bundle

The OpenSesame Marketplace is located at the bottom of the LMS Admin > Catalog page. First Load the Marketplace and then select which Course bundles you want to sync. Click on ‘Add to Accord LMS’.


2 – Number of Users

Select how many User (Learner) seats you want to purchase.  More seats can be added as needed. Click on ‘Checkout’.


3 – Payment

Fill out your payment information and click on ‘Complete Purchase’. This will commence the automatic Course download and syncing process. 

Once the sync process is complete, ‘Reload Accord Catalog’ to see the new OpenSesame Courses (hundreds in this example) loaded into your existing catalog. The new content is ready to be Enrolled and utilized by your Learners. It can also be dragged and dropped into your existing Learning Path heirarchy. 


Setup is a Snap

Before you can access the Marketplace, you will need to create an OpenSesame account. You only need to do this one time. From the LMS Admin > Configuration page, open the OpenSesame setup UI to create your account.  Provide an Account Name that will uniquely identify your business and a default LE type for the OpenSesame content you decide to sync. Then click on ‘Create’.  That’s all it takes. The Account ID will be returned from the OpenSesame server once it creates your account. 


OpenSesame Plus and A La Carte

OpenSesame Plus includes over 4,000 of OpenSesame’s most popular courses in a simple to use subscription. Pricing is per seat which includes unlimited access. Substantial discounts are available for larger seat counts. For example, 10 seats will cost $212.63/user/annum. 200 seats will cost $98.67/user/annum, etc. The A La Carte catalog offers over 20,000 Courses. Pricing depends on the courses selected and quantity of seats. A La Carte will not be available through Accord’s integrated interface until Q1 of 2016. Until that time, the selection and purchase of the Courses are done through OpenSesame’s public website and their team will then sync your Courses with the Accord catalog. 

A Winning Team

Accord is the price / performance leader in the SMB LMS market. OpenSesame delivers a wide array of content with license options to meet any budget. Together we deliver the finest quality training online, on time and on budget. You can count on us.

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