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Bulk Import / HRIS Support

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The Bulk Import UI for Accord 3.0 has been completely refactored with many more configuration options.  In addition, you can map your existing HRIS export Columns to any of the Accord LMS fields and then save as an Import Definition for later reuse.  An upcoming release will include automatic HRIS import via FTP file drops.

The Bulk Learner Import UI can be accessed from LMS Admin > My Team and then right clicking on the target Team node you want to import to.

Expanded Configuration Options

Bulk Import now allows you to upload CSV files with column names of your choice.  A new column mapping feature allows you to specify which imported columns will be mapped to specific Accord LMS fields. Here are the possible input columns (can be any ‘name’): User Name; First Name; Last Name; Display Name; Email Address; Password (if absent a random Password will be generated), Teams (a semicolon separated list of Team names), Roles (a semicolon separated list of Role names) and Access Codes (a semicolon separated list of Access Codes). In addition, Learning Roles and Access Codes from the web form will be added to each User.

Initial CSV Upload

This is an example of what the Columns, Teams and Roles section might look like after CSV Upload.  All of the Import CSV Columns are listed.  A drop down for each available User Field in the Accord LMS is available for mapping.

LMS Teams and Learning Roles

If an Import Column is mapped to LMS Teams or Learning Roles, the Accord will search all of the unique values in the associated Import Column records.  The unique values are then used to populate the respective Import Team and Import Role lists below.

LMS Admin can then make the final mappings.

Import Definitions

The Import mapping Definitions can be saved and recalled for late use.

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