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Server Requirements for DNN 7

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Self Hosted Clients

Clients who are hosting the Accord LMS on their own servers need to be aware of the server requirements to support the latest release of DotNetNuke, version 7.  Hosted SaaS clients do not need to be concerned as the Accord servers are maintained for you and are already up to par.

Windows 8

In the fall of this year Microsoft released a whole new wave of products. On the consumer side there is Windows 8, a new version of its flagship operating system with a radical new “Metro” user interface optimized for touch-enabled devices. On the server side is Windows Server 2012 and IIS8, enterprise platforms for running highly scalable websites. And on the developer side is Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5, new versions of Microsoft’s industry leading tools and frameworks for building advanced web applications.

DotNetNuke 7 Requirements

Based on information gathered from including industry market trends, Hosting providers, and the DNN Update Service, DotNetNuke will require new baseline platform support for DNN 7.

For more information, please consult the Announcing DNN 7 article from DotNetNuke corporation.
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