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Improved Learner Interface

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List View

The Accord LMS 2.12 release includes the option to present the Learner’s Courses and Learning Elements in a new layout called ‘List View’. The modern and attractive iPad/Mobile compatible layout is easy to navigate and provides excellent response for large catalogs.

Clicking on any folder (or course) will drill down into that folder, for example if we click on Learner Features we will now see the contents of the Learner Features folder.  Clicking on a Learning Element will launch that element.



Quick Links

The blue buttons are Quick Links that provide immediate access to any Transcripts or Resources associated with the specific folder or course.







Convenient breadcrumbs provide an easy way to move back up the catalog hierarchy.








Templates and Configuration

Just like the existing Tree View layout, you have complete control over the presentation by using templates for the folder and Learning Elements.  Over a dozen new tokens have been added, including support for the Status Icons presented in the right side column.  To get you started, new List View templates have been added to the default templates.  Some of the templates have icons for the Learning Elements.  For an even cleaner UI, List View templates are also provided without LE icons.

To try out the new List View log in with DNN or LMS Administrator permissions, go to Learner > Configuration, select List View and then select the templates you want.







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