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Learner Transcripts

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Learners can now view their own Transcripts.  Administrators can enable Transcripts for any Folder and allow Transcript access to their Learners via the Learner > My Plan tab or the new Learner > Transcripts tab.

Manager > Catalog > Folder Details

LMS Administrators can select which Folders will have Transcripts.



Learner > Configuration - Enable Transcripts Tab

Administrators can access the Learner > Configuration tab.  Select the check box to present the Transcript tab.  You may also enable other Learner reports which can be opened from the Learner’s Context Menu.








Learner > Configuration - Configure Learner Reports

Administrators can also select which options and columns you would like to present in the Transcript, Attempt History and Score Details reports.




Learner > Transcripts – Opening a Transcript

When Learners access their courses, the new Transcripts tab will be present.  If they click on a report icon a Transcript report will open in a new browser window.








Learner Transcript Report

By default, LMS transcripts will include Learning Events with any status, including Not Viewed. Click on any Score value to open a Score Details report.




Learner Score Reports

By clicking on a Score in the Transcript Report, a new browser window will open presenting the report specific to that Score.  All Accord LMS reports can be exported to half a dozen different formats including PDF, Excel, TIFF, HTML, etc.



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