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Accord LMS - Report Updates

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The Accord LMS Report Module

provides numerous feature and performance updates with the 2.5.11 release.

The Summary Page

has an improved layout.

There are several new reports.

Filter Enhancements

include options to report on individual Learners and to select the columns presented in your report.

Export Format Options.

  In addition to displaying the report results on page, there are now 8 different formatted export options and a Raw CSV option. The Raw CSV export requires minimal processing is especially well suited for reports with over 10,000 rows.


has been improved for the Summary page; the Filter UI load time for large catalogs and numerous role; and the SQL processing for larger reports.  Accord LMS has been working with Telerik to improve the rendering times for larger ports as well.  Their upcoming release will include a number of improvements.

Many more new Reports

are scheduled for delivery over the next few months. Longer term enhancements include the ability to encapsulate Report filter options into “Definitions” for ease of recall and to schedule recurrent delivery of any Definition in a specified format to an email distribution list.

All these screen shots were taken from the Demo portal at http://demo.accordlms.com. Feel free to login and test drive the updated Reports, or download the latest module set if you have your own DNN portal.
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