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Case Study - eLearning Portal

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eLearning Portal (ELP) helps training organizations market, sell and deliver their training online. ELP handles all the technical details so their clients can focus on building great courses and supporting their students.
  • “We were delighted to find the Accord LMS – it uses modern technology, has a low profile with a modular design and the value cannot be beat. Other LMSs were literally 20 times the price, or required periodic deletion of training records. The templating engine is great. It allows us to customize the learner user experience for each client."

ELP clients typically provide registered and accredited training with strict delivery and quality guidelines. Compliance reports are then provided to government agencies. ELP needed a modern LMS platform that was customizable and could easily integrate with their online systems such as integrated risk management and eCommerce. They also needed flexible licensing that worked for their short duration (3 month) and high volume (25,000 new learners a year) sales profile.

Over a period of 3 months ELP evaluated over 30 LMS and selected the Accord based on a) a modern, open source, .NET portal framework b) native extensibility with both custom and third party modules c) modular design with token based templates and d) unmatched value. This allowed ELP to use best of breed third party components and systems, such as integrating with multiple shopping carts, and to develop their own marketing and affiliate management systems. ELP can also custom tailor the learning interfaces for each of their clients.
  • “Accord was easy to setup and we were able to leave it practically stock standard. This was a pleasant surprise as it meant we didn’t have to worry about the LMS and could focus on other value adding areas of our service. Maintenance wise, we haven’t had to do very much at all, our database has millions of training records and is still very responsive on a conservative server."
Adam Menary
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