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IE 9 Compatibility

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The release of IE 9 has created problems for most eLearning tools. 

Here are the known problems and their status.

Telerik Controls - Resolved
DNN ships with the Telerik controls.  These controls provide enhanced features sets for most standard HTML control such as drop downs, tree views and text editors.  They are used throughout the Accord LMS. IE 9 introduced incompatibilities with the Telerik controls that are shipping with earlier versions of DNN.  The Telerik controls have been updated to address the IE 9 issues with the 5.6.3 version of DNN.  We advise all clients to update their portal to DNN 5.6.3 or higher and the Accord LMS to 2.5.13 or higher.  Please read DNN and Accord LMS Upgrade Recommendation for more information and the proper procedure.

SCO Tracking - Partially Resolved
Many flash based eLearning SCO are presenting problems with IE 9 32 bits, the 64 bit version doesn’t support Flash at all.  When the SCO is launched in the IE 9 browser, the state is always reported as incomplete without any score.  This is because the SCO is not communicating any information to the LMS.

We tested flash eLearning content made with Articulate, and Adobe Captivate with the IE 9 browser - they all fail in the Accord LMS AND at SCORM Cloud, an industry standard testing harness: http://testtrack.scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud/.  Flash content created with ViewletBuilder works fine. Content created with Composica 5.1 and Courselab does not present any problems.  For more information you can follow up on the discussion threads below.
Articulate Quizmaker
Adobe Presenter
Either Microsoft or the problematic flash based authoring tools will need to fix this problem.  Some SCO simply do not communicate any status information to the LMS, any LMS, when using IE 9.

Work Arounds: 
  • Most, and perhaps all, of the SCO tracking issues can be solved by putting IE 9 in Compatibility mode (client side).
  • The Accord LMS will force IE 9 to use compatibility mode when using the Popup window to launch your LE content (automatically provided from server side).

Catalog CSS - Resolved
The Catalog Tree was improperly formatted.  This was fixed in the Accord version 2.5.7 release.

Catalog JavaScript - Resolved
There was a problem with dragging and dropping LE or Folder nodes in the Manager > Catalog UI.  This was fixed in the Accord version 2.5.7 release.

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