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Accord LMS 2.5 is Released!

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Accord LMS 2.5

is now available for download. Here are some highlights:

Hierarchical Training Support

Manager Profiles now include Node Membership. When Learners become Members of a Profile node, Managers of that profile have the authority to enroll content and run reports on the associated Members and all Members associated with sub profile/nodes as well. Node Membership enables both parallel and/or hierarchical training structures.

New Reports Module

Accord LMS Reports are now provided in a stand alone module.  Put report access anywhere in your site.  Manager Profiles allow you to specify exactly what content and Learners Manager have access to.  Three different reports are available at this time - with ten more to be delivered in the next few months.

The new report filter UI provides many options to customize the reports - including the ability to pick which columns to present.


Numerous updates have been made to code, SQL procedures and the HTML load to maintain performance under heavy load.  Some clients are running well over 100,000 Learners.


Five User Guides have been updated and five new Video Tutorials have been added as well.

For a complete list of updates, please review the Release Notes.

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