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Upgrade your Accord LMS

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Upgrade your Accord LMS
There is a lot going on with learning technology these days.  The Accord LMS is constantly evolving as well.  Based on customer requests and technology trends, Accord releases a great new set of LMS features, performance updates and UI enhancements every few months. To get the greatest benefit and satisfaction from your learning portal we recommend regular version upgrades. 

Software as a Service

Hosted Accord LMS clients each have their own database and web files. You don’t share an installation with the rest of our customer base like most of the competing LMS.  Our clients can be assured of stability, security and performance. One of the benefits is that you have independent roll back of your entire database and web files. Catastrophic user error? No problem. Each day a snapshot is taken of your site that we can roll back to – up to 30 days.  Another benefit is that we have some flexibility on when your site is upgraded.

Some new features, such as gamification, may require additional site configuration.  A support engineer will discuss possible configuration options with you before applying to your site. Site configuration is always optional. There is no reason to present features that you do not plan to use.

As a matter of procedure we will upgrade your site once or twice a year to keep everything looking and running great. Someone from our support team will contact you and let you know the proposed time. Perhaps you’d like to wait before an upgrade? Just let us know, and we can make the upgrade later. 

Clients may also request their site to be updated if a new release becomes available with features they are interested in. Simply contact the Accord support team at support@accordlms.com. A support engineer will discuss a good day and time for the upgrade. In general, we recommend scheduling updates early AM on weekend mornings for several reasons: most clients experience lower utilization on the weekend; our support team will have fewer interruptions; there is more time to recover from any possible complications. 


Clients who have installed the Accord LMS on their own servers may upgrade their site at any time, as long as their subscription or maintenance contract is up to date. You are free to download the latest release from our Product Download page.

Best practices for software management should be followed when performing any upgrade, including a full site backup and possibly installing the new version on a staging server for feature testing and evaluation.  The Accord support team is always ready to perform the upgrade for you or to help out in any way we can in a Tier 2 support capacity.  

Keep Up to Date

Major new features and release announcements are published in our Blog, logged on our Release Notes, delivered in our Newsletter and demonstrated in our monthly Webinars.  If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to sign up and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest and greatest.
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