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Course Level Reporting

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Course Level Reporting

Folder Roll Up Scoring

Accord LMS 4.4 now supports roll up scoring and completion tracking on the Folder (Course) level. Several new course level reports have been added, each of which use the versatile grid layout:
  • Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail
  • Learning Folder with Learner Detail
  • Learning Folder Summary with Folder Detail
  • Learning Folder Matrix with Learner Detail (Q2)

Some existing reports, such as Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail have been migrated to the new grid layout as well. 

Grid Reports

The new grid reports are already implemented for the current Session Roster and have been very popular.  They offer a number of great features that provide more on page information and presentation options.



The columns can be sorted either ascending or descending simply by clicking on the column title.  The example shows the Completion column has been sorted ascending.


Filtering, Paging and Export

The columns can be filtered with a number of options.  The example shows the First Name has been filtered to show all records that Contain ‘ar’. Page size and paging controls are located at the bottom of the grid.  Export and print icons are both above and below.



One of the most powerful features is the ability to drag and drop any column heading to the grouping bar located just above the column heading.  Any number of cascading groupings can be selected. 


Drill Down

Most of the reports provide ‘View’ links in the right hand column that allow easy drill down to a child report.  The ‘View’ link for LE Details will generate a Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail report for a specific Learner and a specific Folder.

Course Score Import

In addition to the Course reports, the 4.4 release will support Folder (Course) level score importing for any number of Learner/Folder score records. For a full listing of the upcoming 4.04 feature set, please review the Accord LMS Release Notes.

Upcoming Development

Within the next two releases all reports will be migrated to the grid layout. In addition, a grouping footer will be added that show sums, averages or counts for the records within each group.

The final 4.4 release is expected in the latter have of February 2015.  Contact your sales person if you would like to have your portal updated when the release is ready.
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