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Accord LMS 2.10 is Released!

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Accord LMS 2.10

has been released and is ready for download.

Feature Highlights

Learning Event Catalog - Load As Needed

The Manager Learning Event Catalog TreeGrids can now be loaded ‘As Needed’.  Only the top level of Folder and Learning Events are loaded initially.  As a Manager drills down into the TreeGrid, each new level is populated dynamically using Ajax and Web Services. This allows Managers to manipulate very large Learning Event catalogs with thousands of folders and tens of thousands of Learning Events.

Full is the default setting and will load the entire Catalog as a fully populate tree.  This will provide the fastest client side response and is ideal for small to mid-sized catalogs. As Needed will only load the TreeGrid folders and LE as needed and minimizes server load.  For large catalogs, the page load time can be 10 to 20 times faster.  The client side folder expansion time is slower, but barely noticeable. As Needed requires manual updates to the json settings in your web.config.  This will be automated in the upcoming Accord LMS 2.11 release.  Please contact support if you would like help setting this up now.


  • Reports can now be filtered based on Teams - either the Active Team or any of its Child Teams.

Learner > Transcript

  • Private Logo branding is available for all the Learner Reports: Transcripts; Score Details and Attempt History.

Manager > Catalog > LE Details

  • Accumulate Duration while Incomplete checkbox is now available for non-SCORM LE.  This will cause the duration to be accumulated for each viewing. The duration will continue to accumulate until the LE is marked as ‘Completed’.

For a complete list of updates, please review the Release Notes.
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