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Accord LMS 2.8 is Released!

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Accord LMS 2.8

has been released and is ready for download.

Feature Highlights


The Report filtering UI has been greatly simplified.  By default only the most common filtering options are presented.  An Advanced Options section can be opened to select more advanced filters.


All Reports with Learner Details now include the option to include any Profile properties, including custom properties.  Simply select which columns you want to include at run time, or save to a Definition.

Attempt Record Management

Administrators can create attempt records for any group of Roles or Learners.  Deleting of Attempt Records has been enhanced to provide both Logical (soft) and Physical (hard) deletes.  Logical deletes will remove the attempts from all admin and learner access via report.  The Logically deleted Attempts can later be recovered if needed.  Physical deletes permanently remove the records for the database and can reduce the total Learner count tracked in your license.

Other Updates Include

  • Access Codes can be submitted from both Master and Client Portals
  • New Learning Event Catalog Tokens
  • Report Definition, Email Queuing and Quicktest enhancements
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Updated Documentation

For a complete list of updates, please review the Release Notes.
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